We bring together CEOs, Founders, Sales, PMs, Product managers,
Software & Quality engineers to step out of execution mode, get
inspired and really care about products they are working on.

Why attend ITEM?

As software revolutionizes the world around us, the making of software itself is evolving quickly. Outdated methods of building IT products and managing teamwork are not efficient or competitive anymore. The future belongs to solution providers who care about the products they create.

ITEM's goal is to give you tools and practices for software teamwork and organization structure to incorporate into your project, product and company culture, so we can launch a new era of software development in Ukraine.

In 2016 and 2017 the conference was recognized as the best IT conference of Ukraine based on the results of a survey of the resource DOU.UA
Opinion leaders and successful practitioners in software production will share their experience and insights to provide attendees with practical guidance that can be implemented immediately in their everyday job and current projects.

At ITEM, you'll explore the new methods, frameworks and tools being used to build, launch and scale groundbreaking software products.

Find out how to improve your skills and your company's ability to win more business by shaping the products you are working on.

Speakers 2018
All speakers

Gigi Wang (USA)
Expert from Stanford Venture Lab and Silicon Valley

Stephen Parry (United Kingdom)
Customer guru with 40+ years experience in IT

John Sung Kim (California)
Tech entrepreneur from Silicon Valley

Sïmon Saneback (Sweden)
Co-founder Wellstreet

Tamara Kulinkovich (Belarus)
Owner of HR B2B Saas product

Fred Williams (Ch.Republic)
Agile Coach; One of the best speaker ITEM 2017

David Braun (Ukraine)
CEO TemplateMonster

Allan Grant
Founder of Hired and Talkable companies

Vitaliy Kulikov (USA)
Staff Software Engineer in Pinterest

Enrique López Mañas (Germany)
One of the top 100 best engineers of the world

Denis Yarats
Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research

Irina Vidal Migallón
Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer at Siemens

Sergii Baidachnyi (Canada)
Developer evangelist at Microsoft Canada

Aleksandr Gritsevski
Quality expert with 20+ years of experience

Andrejs Kalnacs (Latvia)
Lead Software Developer in Test Evolution Gaming

Claudiu Draghia (Romania)
Author of well known Testing challenges

Worldwide companies share new ideas at ITEM
Closed event for CEO and TOP managers of IT companies
Innovation in Business Models
"Inspires the audience to look at new ways of making money, especially with the Internet and new technologies. Many examples of how innovative companies have transformed their business models to go from sometimes from almost bankrupt to super success" - Gigi Wang, Keynote Speaker
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March 24, 2018
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  • Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks
  • Video records and presentations of this day speeches
  • Workshops
  • Pre-party "Speech Bar"
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March 25, 2018
  • Participation in all activities on March 25 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks
  • Video records and presentations of this day speeches
  • Workshops
  • Pre-party "Speech Bar"
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March 24-25, 2018
  • Participation in all activities on March 24-25 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks
  • Video records and presentations of all speeches
  • Workshops
  • Pre-party "Speech Bar"
  • *ITEM Night is not included in the price
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24 of March 2018
Indigo Club
Kyiv, Kudryashov street, 3
It's a magic party night only for participants ITEM!

FREE Open Bar
Live music-scene
Quiet lounge zone
$35 only/per guest

Hush! Are you ready?
Meetings with opinion leaders
March 25, during one of coffee pause, opinion leaders will wait for you in lounge zone.
Dmytro Mindra
Senior Engineering Manager at Oracle
Yuliya Keskin
HR BP at Ezetech
Stepan Veselovskyi
CEO Lviv IT Cluster
Evgenia Klepa
Executive Director 1991 Open Data Incubator
Max Izkovich
CEO Mobindustry
Lina Shishkina
Unicorn Scrumguides
Dmytriy Gadomskiy
CEO Axon Partners
Lidia Terpel
CEO & Founder в Skyworker and Silicon Drinkabout
Sergey Marchenko
Denis Dovgopoliy
Founder GrowthUP
Ilya Kabachinskiy
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ITEM is well known for high level of organisation
We think about all little things and details. We're providing delicious food and coffee breaks during the event, access to Wi-Fi, cozy co-working and launge zones and much more.
Do you have a questions to speaker?
At ITEM you don't have to search for speaker all over the location to speak to him in person. Our speakers will be waiting for you in a special place for 30 minutes after his speach.
Want to have speaker's presentation?
It will be available in the app 30 mins after speaker's talk.
Cannot you choose between 3 streams?
All participants will get for free videorecords of all talks. You will not miss anything.
We know people attend conference event not only to listen to cool speakers. We have a mobile app where you can communicate with participants and make a personal appointment.
We meet each other in a true bar, meet our speakers, ask personal and tricky questions as the atmosphere is affordable.Here you can have early check in in a nice atmosphere and come to the conference event with your badge.
ITEM Night
24 of March we are waiting for you at ITEM Night. Live music, unlimited free-bar, zone for entertainment and zone for networking. $35/per person.
You don't know where to stay in Kiev?
We prepared for you a tab with hotels. Besides, our location has got their own hotel with a discount for conference attendees. Click here.
Any more questions?
Feel free to contact our hotline +38 (067) 576 03 01. We are always online and ready to speak, help, advise and meet your expectations.
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