Aleksandr Gritsevski
System Quality & Risk Manager at Kuehne + Nagel (Estonia)
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Topic: "Managing quality and risks within the development of IT Systems"
20+ years of extensive experience in software development as Team Leader, Scram master, Automation Manager, Software Engineer,
Comprehensive knowledge of software design and implementations
Skills in the some program languages, tools and technologies.
15+ years experience in the design and implementation of web-based applications.
15+ years experience in the company management.

Having graduated in 1993 with a degree in computer science, he started to work for a family business in the field of high-voltage equipment. Just after few years, the internet emerged as a powerful tool, allowing for new technologies to enter people's lives. However, quality ought to be the foremost concern for the mass adoption.
At that time, Aleksandr has already had an extensive programming experience.

"Programming so existing that you are trying to solve problems in your head, even when you are driving a car, becoming a danger to oneself and others. Testing, on the other hand, results in contentment and understanding that programmers are going to fix the bugs on the next day.
Being an empathetic person, it is sometimes hard for me to look at the things critically, and because of that I usually let the automated scripts to do their work. They don't have bonding issues and immediately find the guilty one. " - Aleksandr Gritsevski