SPEAKER 2018 - Technical DAY
Alexander Serbul
Head of Integration and Deployment QC dept. at Bitrix (Russia)

opic: "The way to effectively use machine learning and neural networks for everyday tasks in e-commerce, helpdesk and chatbots"
Starting from 2011, Alexander Serbul supervises integration and deployment quality control department at Bitrix24. - actively participating as both the software architect and expert developer in the company's projects related to artificial intelligence, neural networks, high-load and fault tolerant solutions.

In addition to these activities, Alexander Serbul consults partners and clients on the matters of software architecture for high-load solutions, as well as on the effective use of the Bitrix24 products' clustering technology within the context of leading-edge cloud services (Amazon Web Services, and others), including integration of personal recommendations and AI into online-based shops on the Bitrix24: Site Manager platform.

Alexander range of interests include Unix philosophy, Agile software development, mathematics, system analysis and design, Computer science, distributed algorithms and clusters, machine learning, neural networks and their effective use in resolving experimental problems for clients within the shortest possible time.