Alex Vinogradov
Founder and CEO HeartIn, CFC (CallsFreeCalls), ixc.ua

Topic: Challenges & Opportunities in Digital Health & Wearables using AI and mobile technologies.
Oleksii Vynogradov Founder and CEO of 3 product companies as:
1. HeartIn, Inc., which creates a unique smart t-shirt with built-in sensors that brings wellness solutions and cardio-diagnostic to the mass market. The product has user-friendly comfortable design and costs just $160. On the wearable market now dominate devices with very low accuracy measurement HR/HRV and no solutions for mass preventive diagnostic. Those problems a team of HeartIn likes to solve.
CFC (CallsFreeCalls) - a new concept of voice and messaging communication mobile App (iOS and Android), that allows users to make free calls and send free text and picture messages to ANY number worldwide (free calls are not limited to the network).

ixc.ua - The company has been operating since 1999. Portfolio of the company constitutes systems of billing, softswitch and system of statistics collection. For promotion and maintenance of the products the company has created a network of representative offices and affiliate companies, located in Russia, Greece and USA. The products of the company have been certified in correspondence with Russian standards.
Thesis to the speech:
1. General healthcare market info - why IT have to transform it soon
2. Challenge for mobile healthcare - technical and mental walls
3. Using AI for prediction - challenge for datasets collection and ways to solve it
4. Opportunities for using AI in healthcare - benefits
5. Mobile healthcare - opportunities for next five years