Allan Grant
Co-Founder of Hired and Talkable. Hacker/Entrepreneur.
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Topic: "From fail to launch: path to product"
Allan Grant has been passionate about software development since writing his first game at age 7. Between ages 13 and 18, Allan earned his 10,000 hours coding online games (in C) with thousands of players. In college, Allan founded a web development company, Webmasters International, and bootstrapped it to profitability with 50+ employees. Most recently, Allan co-founded Talkable, the leading social referral platform for ecommerce companies. Talkable is backed by YCombinator, 500Startups, and a group of prominent angel investors.

Allan co-founded Hired, an online marketplace where companies compete to hire technical talent such as software engineers, designers, data scientists, and product managers. Hired has raised more than $100M and is the fastest growing company in the recruiting space.

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