Claudiu Draghia
Quality Manager at Capgemini Consulting (Romania)
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Topic: "Misconceptions of Software Testing"
Author of well known Testing challenges. Claudiu worked in different companies, in in-house projects, as outsourced, within proof of concept projects, with different technologies and different business areas. Since 2012 Claudiu got involved in local testing community and started to work on his own on testing related projects.

"I started my adventure in IT back in 2004 as a tester. I had no idea about processes, tools or methodologies used in software development. It was supposed to be a summer job. A summer job that, 13 years after, turned into passion. The road has been bumpy but now I know enough to share some valuable lessons and knowledge with the testing community.
Since last year I have been on parental leave. Needless to say that some of the things I learned as a tester and quality manager (how to learn new things, how to adapt, how to anticipate needs, how mitigate risks,..) have helped. Now, at least, I know more about how to make my own team :)."