SPEAKER 2018 - Technical DAY
Denis Dovgopoliy
Founder GrowthUP Group (Ukraine)

Interviewed with Alex Vinogradov
opic: "Challenges & Opportunities in Digital Health & Wearables using AI and mobile technologies"

Stakeholder and Managing Partner of GrowthUp Group. Cofounder of the first Ularainian business accelerator GrowthUp.
Of the the leaders of Ukrainian venture and entrepreneurship community. Board Member and Observatory Board members of several startups.

Advisor of companies which launch for ICO, founder and organizer of important biomes domain events: IDCEE, iForum, Silicon Valley Open Doors, Startup Crash Test, Kyiv Startup Week, SVOD Europe and others. Lecturer of "Entrepreneurship" course in Ukrainian Business schools. Author of one of the most popular hi-tech and VC Ukrainian blog. Publisher of Steve Blank book "4 steps of Insight".

Before creating GrowthUp Denis took managing positions in telecom companies. He created a few local companies. He graduated from a faculty of Space systems of Kyiv Polytech Institute in 1996 and received MBA degree at International Management Institute in 2000.