SPEAKER 2018 - Business DAY
Denis Ryzhykh
Current position: Scrum Master/Agile Project Manager in Luxoft (Ukraine)

opic: "How to check whether your culture is a pitfall of your way to your product?"
Denis is loving to work with people, improving their working environment and processes.
Propelling teams' performance. Making them do its best with satisfaction and avoiding burn-out.
He was working in Game Development as well as High-load WEB enterprise solutions projects.
He has several international distributed teams in there.

All over his decisions and methods he islooking for an answer why people do what they do.
He find that coaching of teams and enterprise agility do have a lot of commons with parenting. Since Denis is father of two's.

Over the course of working with a variety of teams, he have discovered common traits of teams that are a hard deal for the teams' managers yet. So, managers prefer to work only with conventional tools instead of improving most significant things.
He is showing the way these things could also be managed as well.

You may find these approaches as useful to slow-down staff turnover, propelling performance and improve teams' mood in a long-term period.

Interesting facts:
He has built three call-centers from the scratch.
He had a break in his IT past to spend a couple of years to build a macadam manufacturing plant. After a successful launch, he has discovered breaches in a business model and exited from it, securing moderate losses of shareholders.
Was working in a variety of IT projects domains: GameDev, Casino Games, Oil & Gas, Business solutions.