Panel discussion on topic:
Diversity in Ukrainian IT as the right way to follow worldwide business culture trends
"Building great things requires diversity of age, skills and experience. We call that people soup. Organizations need structure and hierarchy to get validated ideas built into products, but the initial ideation and concept development needs less structure and more chaos. Product creation needs the chaos of people soup."
James Keller, who leads strategy at Uncorked Studios in Portland has a great name for diversity in product creation.
Ukraine in outsourcing ratings of Global Services Location Index takes the 24th place in the world and the 6th one in Europe. Ukrainian IT industry calculates more than 500 outsourcing companies and 100 global scientific-research centers, with 50000 engineers. iT freelancers of Ukraine are the 3rd in the world in salary level. IT-services - the 3rd export point after agriculture business.

Reaching such level is not only success and award of IT employees, but also reason to grow culturally in terms of international business standards.

Panel discussion to draw attention to the problem

Sad statistics and stereotypes

University graduates from technical faculties are 40% all students. But when we analyze female software engineers they are much less - 16%. Dmytro Maleev, Program Committee Member, in his book about Ukrainian IT says that this is a matter of stereotype.

However, he personally recommends IT women when asked for reference evaluating their work quality very high.

In families girls are usually grown and learnt for housekeeping or in the best case educated to develop their social skills for employment at HR and Management positions. Project management and team driving roles in other departments are occupied by females in 33%.

Software developers negatively react to relative examinations, standards, and certifications. Meanwhile statistics says very loud for itself pointing the root-cause.

A University of Maryland study looking at 15 years of data from the S&P1500 found that female representation in senior management brought informational and social diversity benefits, enriched the behaviors exhibited by managers throughout the firm, and motivated women in middle management. All of which resulted in improved individual and company performance – especially where the firm's strategy was focused on innovation, in which context the informational and social benefits of gender diversity and the behaviors of more diverse teams had a bigger impact.

Working in ITEM team, we face lack of women among speakers skilled and willing to share knowledge and practice of business management. To change it and draw attention to this problem ITEM conference organisers Anna Izhevskaya and Olga Bakieieva hold Panel Discussion.
Olena Zanichkovska

Co-founder, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at The Gradient, Director of Business Development School at LITS
I am too long in IT and have seen a lot of things. When I came first time for interview, CO of company told that he cannot propose me position because office does not equipped with Lady roomJ. Now, I do mentoring of female engineers. I faced with negative and positive discriminations. Both things are bad. I really think that Diversity (not just Gender one) is a key for long run success of any company (not just IT). Unfortunately, not everyone understand this. And, I do believe that I am changing world by own example.

Iryna Kulakova
Senior Engineer at Skype (Microsoft), Czech Republic
If you post a job for a product manager, many exceptionally qualified women will not actually think they're qualified, and they won't apply. For example, if your job description asks for 4 years of technology industry experience, then as a general rule, a man will apply if he has at least 1 year, but a woman will only apply if she has at least 5 years. You may think I'm exaggerating on this but I'm really not. Part of the problem is the job description itself. Many people have obsolete or overly simplistic beliefs about what is required. A degree in computer science is not required – good understanding of technology and how to apply it to solve problems is. An MBA is not required – good understanding of the workings of business is.

Marty Cagan
Partner in Silicon Valley Product Group, USA