Dmitriy Yefimenko
CTO at Portmone (Ukraine)

opic: "CD/CI, product and PCI"
Product and team manager, software architect, business and system analyst with more than 20 years of experience. Last 10 years specializes on sophisticated distributed fintech products, agile transformation and development processes. Active speaker of many conferences and events.
Thesis to the speech:
Input: growing product with legacy, millions of users, long lifecycle of features, imperfect processes, frustrated team, heroical security audits and many nonsenses. Result: feature lifecycle shortening from years to weeks and months, autotests, 2 major releases per week, fragile balance between bureaucracy and PCI compliance, decreasing number of nonsenses from "disgrace" to "a bit of shame" level.
Illustrated history about conflict between business, software engineering practices, product mindset, common sense and problem solving practices with partial happy-end and self-criticism.

1. Typical problems into product companies.
2. Typical mindset problems.
3. Conflict between business & engineers.
4. Conflict between engineers & PCI standart.
5. Nonsenses.
6. Transformations practices and results.
7. Unsuccessful experience and mistakes.
8. Conclusion and advices.