Elena Sosyedka
Co-founder of Concord Bank and Charity Exchange "DobroDiy"
Graduated from Moscow Humanitarian University by qualification "Economist of banking activities - financier", Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law with a degree in International Economics, Kyiv Mohyla Business School with a PMBA Diploma.
She is raising six children.

Initiator and an investor of development:

  • Of the first Internet-banking, which allows to make all payments without extra fees, icON25 and its mobile version
  • Credit scoring, an automated software that measures the possibility of a client to repay the credit debt in the future
  • Processing center "Procard", which provides financial companies and shopping departments with cards, loyalty programs, POS and ATM terminals, etc.
Short Talk
Please tell us about your social activity and how you found a way to make it automated and available to everyone in one "click"?
Elena Sosyedka:
In 2009 my sister, Yulia Sosyedka, and I created a charity fund "The hearts of Three", which donated help to the sum of 8 000 000 UAH in different fields: development (socializing of orphans), inheritance (support to veterans), health (renewing equipment in children's regional hospitals and direct help to the heavy ill children).
In 2016 Japanese government chose "The hearts of Three" for their program of humanitarian help to give grant in the sum of 2 million UAH to provide the ultra-modern endoscopic equipment to the front-line Pokrov hospital.

But when in 2014 the war came, we decided to organize a platform that would be an "online" meeting place for opportunity and demand. Thus, at a short address "" was created
Charity Exchange "DobroDiy", where any person with even 10 years on the debit card could go online, choose a project and support it in one-click. In 4 years of existence "DobroDiy" realized about 500 projects to the sum of 15 000 000 UAH, 80% of the help recipients were heavy ill children below 16 years of age, other 20% were "no one's" elders and ATO soldiers.
What is the difference between your Internet Banking icON25 and others on the market?
Elena Sosyedka:
We decided that we will give our client a possibility to make all payments, from paying utilities to payment your cell phone and from paying your internet to buying tickets, without paying fees. Moreover, we implemented a possibility to make a transfer from your card to any other bank's card with a commission of 0,5% instead of a regular 1%+5 UAH, like other banks; yet, both cards need to be MasterCard. Also, there is a possibility of sending currency internationally to another payment card with a minimal commission. For example, you could send $500 to China or USA paying only $7,5 instead of 40 like Western Union would take.