Enrique Lopez Manas
Freelance Software Engineer & Mentor (Munich Area, Germany)
Part of the Google Expert Crew since 2014
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Topic: "TensorFlow for Mobile Heroes"

Workshop: "Implementation of Continuous Integration Processes with Firebase"
Enrique has been developing for Android since 2008. He has also experience with iOS and Windows Phone on the client side, and J2EE, NodeJS and Python on the server side. He enjoys applying Firebase in projects. Computer Vision and ML aficionado.
He has written a book on Android High Performance for Packt Publishing.

"I have self-published a book to help you land your dream Android job. People seemed to like it. I am among the top 100 Java Github worldwide contributors, Germany #8 (link).
I enjoy collaboration and working with smart people. I think the world is heading towards a bright place and I write about it." - Enrique, speaker of ITEM 2018 (IoT & Mobile Stream).