ITEM Code of Conduct:
Open manifesto about speakers diversity

40% of our audience are women. Our conference is founded and organised by 2 women, 40% of our organization committee are women.

This manifesto is claimed to explain you what our principles and criteria are for selecting speakers. There are a few but key clues and here they are:

  1. Profound experience and wide practice in the topic the speaker will highlight at our event as well as proven public speaking skills with a number of cases and examples in own practice.

  2. Challenging career path and track records of working for worldwide known companies at key positions.

  3. Participation in cool projects with innovational solutions and non-sophisticated approach.

  4. Publications, scientific researches or thesis, books which describe personal experience, examples of expertise decisions and case studies.

  5. References from people grateful for speakers help and consulting in any particular team tasks, project objectives, company goals, our target audience cases.

  6. A person has got scientific and social achievements in the origin country or internationally.

It doesn't mean the applicant for speaker's role should follow all these criteria at once. The most important and the first basis is of course speaker's professionalism and proven experience and openness in knowledge sharing to our target audience. It doesn't mean we are targeted to invite and accept only super stars. All the points mentioned above emphasize the level of speaker and give them green light on the road to our main stage, and not a seat among our attendees.

We don't differentiate the speaker's gender, skin colour or sexual orientation. As we first of all respect the professional way a person has passed for years and decades in IT domain, gaining practical cases and personal stories to share to our participants.