Ivan Pashko
Scrum Master/PM at Intellias (Ukraine)
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Topic: "Same but different: A story of delivering multi-brand product"
Typical software engineer. Along the almost 10 years career in IT, was working as QA, support, security, automation, development engineer and team leader. Daily duties were to design strategies, develop automation processes, maintain gaps, work closely with the clients and cross-functional departments to succeed in product delivery. Speaker on various Ukrainian conferences.

• Programming: C#, js (in the past: C/C++, Obj.Pascal, Python);
• Test tools: WebDriver (in the past: Selenium, Watin, Pywinauto, Sikuli, Test Complete)
• Concepts: Integration / System / Unit automation testing; Security testing & security analysis; Functional, Exploratory, Performance manual testing;
• Scripting: PowerShell, CMD, Bash;
• Bugtrack: Jira, Redmine, TestLink;
• Source Control: TFS, StarTeam, SVN;
• OS: Windows, Linux(Ubuntu, Mint) – expired user; Windows 2008/2003 Server - administrative skills;
• Other:
• Cryptography, Math. Modeling;
• Blogging insights
• Analytical, organisational and management skills;
Thesis to the speech:
I want to share my story with you - how we deliver multi-brand products at the same time with one small team.
What challenges we faced? Having custom localization, individual brand view, specific features in almost the same products. Agile tell us to work smarter, not harder.
DevOps & automation practices were turned upside down. So instead of working on every single flow, we took a step back, and start improving simultaneous delivery.
All as one.