Kira Rudik
The member of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, ех-CEO Ring Ukraine

The topic of her report: "How to survive the growth from a startup to a corporation and to sell it on Amazon"

Kira Rudik was a Chief Executive Officer of Ring Ukraine. Under her leadership, Ring Ukraine company has grown from a promising startup of three employees into a large product company. She scaled the office to over 1,000 team members and made the company one of the best to work in Ukraine. Ring Ukraine creates state-of-the-art home security systems and has a strong position in this market in the world. Recently, Ring Ukraine has proudly joined the Amazon family.

Kira was engaged in numerous civic and business organizations. She served on the board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and IT Ukraine Association. Kira also belongs to the 2018 Stanford Executive Program for Women Leaders, is a frequent speaker at large conferences throughout her county and serves on the panel at Ukraine House of Davos alongside many other world leaders.

Kira Rudik has very rich professional experience. She went from tester to CEO of an international company and has co-founded several successful businesses. In her report, she will share her experience on how to involve foreign companies into development in Ukraine. She will tell how to form a TOP team and how to keep it. And also how to survive the growth of a startup into a corporation and sell it on Amazon.