Kristina Pototska
Growth Product Manager, RetargetApp
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Topic: "How to gain 10K paying users for your product without any marketing budgets"
Kristina is a Product Manager at RetargetApp, Facebook Ad intelligence for Shopify. She is great when it comes to retargeting and remarketing tips.

During pasted 4 years, as a growth product manager she successfully launched more than 100 product features for eCommerce websites.

She's also the voice of RetargetApp.
Kristina performed as a speaker at 100+ events in USA,
Europe & Asia. Among them are Meet Magento in Netherlands, Sweden, Czech republic and Romania, Predictive Analytics World
in London and San Francisco, Global Predictive Analytics Conference in Santa Clara CA, eComExpo (Spain), Webit Summit (Bulgaria, Turkey), Wolves Summit (Poland).

She believes that digital marketing rules and data is the king.

Short Talk
What is the hardest part of Product Management?
Kristina Pototska:
As for me, the hardest part is to say "no" to yourself, to teammates and customers when planning new features or improvements.
What difficult experience has taught you the most about your job?
Kristina Pototska:
The most difficult experience for me, was wasting time on developing a product that didn't fit the market.
We've waisted too much time and resources, before we figured out that it's about time to start over:)
What do you want people to remember about your talk five years from now?
Kristina Pototska:
That each company usually has one main channel and two or three secondary channels of customer acquisition. It's never been the case that a startup with limited resources can achieve success at three different things at the same time.

So find your channel by doing tests and focus all your time and resources to get the best from it:)
In the world of IT, where do you see Ukraine?
Kristina Pototska:
Ukraine is growing really fast in terms of IT. I'm sure that during the next 3-5 years we are going to have a lot of great product companies.
What's the biggest challenge you expect in the next five years?
Kristina Pototska:
To keep your product up to date with all the new technologies. It is a big challenge, especially for a startup with a limited resources (time, human, budget).
Why did you decide to be a speaker of ITEM 2018?
Kristina Pototska:
I was very impressed by the level of the event and by the speakers line up. So I'm really pleased to the a part of it:)
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