Natali Renska
Program Manager at Luxoft
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Topic: "Idea: From support to development. From sql requests to Prod"
Have more than 13 years of experience in software development industry with strong specialization in delivery and people management.
Strong hands-on experience in project , program and portfolio management using different methodologies/ approaches.
Deep knowledge in programming and data base development concepts.
Considerable experience in risk management and obstacles overcoming. Possess excellent communication as well as problem solving skills. Take part in new applications development and develop the best team that could reach client's goal and suggest new approaches if required.
Thesis to the speech:
Dev team has to support business, so really high attrition, long term of onboarding process, escalation from the Client every week.
Natalia will share the story about way to happy and efficient team and happy customer & stable high quality product.

What was done before:
Suggested to create a new system for report generation (rejected by Client)
What was changed:
- changed the team concept (new roles were created, changed people on some positions according to the project's specific);
- built some critical processes, created video KT sessions with the runbook, organized separate work with different stakeholders;
- prepared POC with the reporting system
new team is stable, onboarding process - 2 weeks, new system on Prod (including web, mobile versions), no escalations from the Client (nothing within 1 year!).