Olexey Avramenko
Founder and CEO of FinTech Group EasyPay UA

The topic of his report: "How to increase your capabilities and create a truly valuable product"

He was the first who brings a payment terminal to Ukraine in 2006. He created the first non-bank payment system "Finansoviy Svit" and in 2010 he launched the online platform Easypay.ua. It became the first and up to now is the only successful project of seamless integration of payment services among payment aggregators. Since 2017, he has been actively investing in Proximity Marketing projects.

The topic of Alexey's report is "How to increase your capabilities and create a really valuable product".

He will talk about:
1. Advantages of implementation of ready-made solutions.
2. The role of innovation in business expansion
3. Real cases of interaction with IT companies and how to be experts in creating a specific product.