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JavaScript Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.Dec 2017)
MyBridge AI сформировали топ лист статьей, по рекомендациям лидеров JavaScript.
This is the second edition of the JavaScript. The Core overview lecture, devoted to ECMAScript programming language and core components of its runtime system.

Audience: experienced programmers, experts.
Author: Dmitry Soshnikov, Software engineer
As we build sites more heavily reliant on JavaScript, we sometimes pay for what we send down in ways that we can't always easily see. In this post, I'll cover why a little discipline can help if you'd like your site to load & be interactive quickly on mobile devices.
Author: Addy Osmani, Engineering Manager at Google
The post's purpose is to bring together all JavaScript concepts that are frequently brought up in developer interviews. It was written so you can review everything you need to know about JavaScript in a single place.
Courtesy of Gustavo Azevedo and freeCodeCamp
This article is based on the experience of using ChatScript (CS) in one of the recent WebbyLab's projects. I am glad to share what we've learnt, the difficulties we've met, and the approaches we've used to defeat them on the way of chatbot programming.
Courtesy of Yurii Vlasiuk and WebbyLab
There is an easier way. I am going to use a restaurant analogy to explain four key parts of your first Express app. Express.js is a popular framework for organizing your code, and I would recommend it for any beginner. I'll explain further in a moment.

Courtesy of Kevin Kononenko
This is part of the "Javascript and Functional Programming" series on learning functional programming techniques in JavaScript ES6+. Checkout <Part 2> on First Class Functions.

Courtesy of Omer Goldberg and Hackernoon
A couple of my recent articles gave an introduction into a subfield of artificial intelligence by implementing foundational machine learning algorithms in JavaScript (e.g. linear regression with gradient descent, linear regression with normal equation or logistic regression with gradient descent).

Courtesy of Robin Wieruch
ES 2017 introduced Asynchronous functions. Async functions are essentially a cleaner way to work with asynchronous code in JavaScript. In order to understand exactly what these are, and how they work, we first need to understand Promises.

Courtesy of Brandon
Courtesy of Eirik Vullum at JSConf Budapest 2017.