SPEAKER 2018 - Technical DAY
Tatiana Akhremenko (Ukraine)
Branch & Delivery Manager at XtendX (Ukraine)

Tatiana's path in "IT" - It is a "search yourself" (how I can help…what I can do …. what I like the most….). QA background (5 years) became an essential part of her - Quality in everything! Team Lead & PM background opened key aspects - Communication & Support which can do the same "magic" as thousands lines of code behind the Product interface!

Currently, she is a Branch Manager in Product Company (xtendx) where team develop Simplex Media Suite which can be used for satisfaction of different needs & media solutions.

Mobile technologies is also a part of her wide experience as XtendX MediaSuite include a number of Mobile solutions and top-notch features for Mobile users. So, cutting edge mobile devices and brand new features of then is just her passion.