Partner brief
conference ITEM 2018
Company name
Company description for the site (language: English, 100 - 120 words + link to the site)
Website of your company
Logo of your company (.png )
Logo of your company in vector
Video clip
Conference participants from your company (full name, position, phone)
Participants of pre-party / after- party from your company (name, phone)
Information for the post in social networks
Publication language - Russian. Number of characters: preferably not more than 200. Recommendations to the content: it is good if the information is not direct advertising, but the offer of the audience (interesting information or product)
Image for the post in social networks
Logo in PNG
Information for mailing to the conference participants
Language - Russian, from 200 to 400 characters (links to the site and on the social network, if necessary and for registration) + call to action - ideally a promotional code with a discount, at the end of the contact
The image for distribution to participants of conference
Size: 580 * 284
Information on equipment on the stand
List the office equipment that will work on the stand. Specify the number of required outlets, additional furniture, if necessary
Ads unit in the participant program
-Vector and PNG; - size on the page: height 9.8 cm, width 10.5 cm - content: * full banner with yout design * language - Russian * advertising description of the sponsor or description, as for your activity at the event (example: