Gigi Wang
Silicon Valley Legend.Chair Emeritus of the MITEF/Stanford Venture Lab, USA

Stephen Parry
Author of The Journey to Customer Purpose (2005). Prize nominee Best Customer Service Strategy at the National Business Awards., United Kingdom
John Sung Kim
Tech entrepreneur from
San Francisco and is the founder of Five9 (valued at over $1.3 Billion on NASDAQ). Founder Ukrainian-american startup JetBridge, USA

Sïmon Saneback
Chairman at Ecommerce Europe. He founded his first startup at 16 years of age and has since started over dozens of different companies, Sweden
Tamara Kulinkovich
Creator of HR B2B Saas product. Co-founder of "Sorokin & Kulinkovich studio" and "Skitapi", Belarus
Alexander Sambuk
Global Operations Director / COO at Luxoft, USA
Solomon Amar
Solomon has more than 19 Years of leadership experience in Software Product Development and Product Market Launch, Israel
Allan Grant
Co-Founder of Hired and Talkable. Hacker/Entrepreneur, USA
Vitaliy Kulikov
Staff Software Engineer at Pinterest, USA

Enrique López Mañas
One of the best the top 100 Java Github worldwide contributors, Germany
Denys Yarats
Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research, USA

Aleksandr Gritsevski
System Quality & Risk Manager at Kuehne + Nagel. 20+ years of experience, Estonia
Andrejs Kalnacs
Lead Software Developer in Test Evolution Gaming, Latvia
Irina Vidal Migallón
Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer at Siemens, Germany
Claudiu Draghia
Quality Manager at Capgemini Consulting. Author of well known Testing challenges, Romania
Oleksandr Gurbych
Oracle Certified Professional, patent owner and PhD candidate in the field of Computational Chemistry, Ukraine