Who choose speakers of ITEM?
Sergey Berezhnoy
Director of Product Development DAESA, DataArt Group (Cyprus)
12+ years of creating and leading software development projects. Proven excellence in building effective and productive teams across multiple locations.
Adherent of Agile/Lean approach in building teams and processes: empower the team over titles-based responsibilities, results over documents, validated data over beliefs, smiles over dictatorship :)
Released more than 40 projects in multiple domains: Gaming, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Social, High load services.
Excellence in outsourcing and distributed development. Helped multiple organisations to set up outsourcing accounts up to 200+ people. Delivered over 15 products with distributed teams over 2-4 locations.
Active contributor to the Project Management community: Speaker at many conferences (AgileEE, 4C, PM Days, SECR, etc); author of several training programs for PMs' soft- and hard-skills.
Specialties: Product Management, Project Management PMI & Agile, Software Development, Team coaching
Traveler and photographer. Love to explore new places and be inspired by new ideas
Short Talk
What is the hardest part of Product Management?
Sergey Berezhnoy:
Everybody has their own challenge. Somebody is scared to talk to real customers, somebody does not understand development
or hates marketing. But, at the end of the day, the hardest part is to make product successful. Product manager either creates
a product that brings value or just creates "tasks in a tracker" .
What difficult experience has taught you the most about your job?
Sergey Berezhnoy:
You are wrong! Most of your assumptions are not right!
Once you become a product manager you discover, that people are not the same, their habits are different and you would be really surprised how odd they could be. And the beautiful picture of "how they would use your product" is not even close to reality.
Listening and observing is muuuch more important than creativity! And as a curator of the Product stream at ITEM, I am doing my best to bring the best speakers to show how it could be done.
In the world of IT, where do you see Ukraine?
Sergey Berezhnoy:
Making such a global forecast is easy, but ungrateful job ;) I would not talk about the whole IT industry but in term of Product Management trends are optimistic: new products are being launched, vibe with the global trends and more people are starting something new. 10 years ago we knew just 1-2 Ukrainian startups, now everybody knows at least 5! Hope in 5 years everybody in the world will list at least 5!
Why do you support ITEM conference and help with program and content of this event?
Sergey Berezhnoy:
The organizers just blackmailed me :)
And after I honestly replied to the interview about blackmailing they promised to let me (as a product stream curator) create most unique and practical event in the Product area in Ukraine. Only real experience, local and top brands, no bullshit. I gave up and joined their team.

See you soon!