Who choose speakers of ITEM?
Timofey Yevgrashyn
Director of Solutions Delivery, Dinarys GmbH (Germany)
Agile Coach and Trainer, AgileLAB.org

Topic: "Why IT Evolution Ain't as Good it Used to Be. A view from the outside"
An experienced Agile thinker with project management, consulting, coaching and training expertise.

His personal experience in IT industry is since 1997, from which more than 12 years he had been managing effective software teams with Agile methods.
Over the decade, he is sharing the knowledge and experience as a Trainer, Agile Coach, and Consultant. Proven track record of launching and leading Agile/Lean transformations that lead to aligning delivery with business goals.
Has helped to more than 50 teams from over 10 countries, done about 3000 hours of Agile training for over 4000 people.
Short Talk
What do you want people to remember about your professional activities five years from now?
Timofey Yevgrashyn:
A difficult question, because I like to experiment and try something new :-)
I can say for sure, I will continue to help people and companies grow and become better. In the past years of consulting and training, I helped many companies grow from a "garage" to a corporation of a new, flexible, type.
My main interests have been and remain in the areas:
Product Design - creating new products and services that people like
Process Design - helping companies become better and making products and services that people like
Team and Company Design - to help people communicate and work better with each other to make products and services that people like:-)
In the world of IT, where do you see Ukraine?
Timofey Yevgrashyn:
Ukraine always had a good potential, due to location, our knowledge reserves, the ability to quickly learn. Previously, I always believed that Ukraine is fast learning and keeps very close to the countries where innovation is created.

At the same time, for a year spent outside Ukraine, I already see that the gap is increasing. Worldwide, the demand for professional engineering culture is rising, when the Engineer, and not just a developer, solves business problems and creates systems from and to. In Ukraine there is still a narrow specialization and mentality of the "developer" who is ready to do what they tell him.
It's like comparing with a coal mine - you can mine coal a little bit, but you can learn how to make diamonds out of it and sell them a thousand times more expensive. We are still mining coal :-)
Why do you support ITEM conference and help with program and content of this event?
Timofey Yevgrashyn:
Since the appearance of the ITEM conference, I have supported it, even if sometimes not visibly, and sometimes as a speaker. I am very pleased to be a part of the development of the country and to help a conference that is de facto a landmark and international one.