March 24-25, 2018. Kiev.
Congress Centre "Mercure", Vadima Getmana str, 6
since 2013

CEOs, Founders, Sales, PMs, Product managers, Software & Quality engineers
IT companies
Each year we bring together specialists from the biggest Ukraine IT companies
Topic 2018: From code to product. From service to solution.

ITEM's mission is to give IT professionals not only inspiration and fresh ideas, but also particular tools, real cases, practical examples and action steps to be incorporated into their own projects, products and company culture. Openly sharing not only theory and success stories, but also lessons learnt and failures on the way to successful and competitive software products, we can launch a new era of software product oriented thinking in Ukraine.

We bring together CEOs, Founders, Sales, PMs, Product managers, Software & Quality engineers to step out of execution mode, get inspired and start caring about their products and thinking about end users.

The conference will be held in 2 days. Each of the days can be visited separately as targeted for different audience: Business Management and Delivery people.

In 2016 the conference was recognized as the best IT conference of Ukraine based on the results of a survey of the resource DOU.UA
Business Day
March 24, 2018
Technical Day
March 25, 2018
Business Stream
  • The future of IT industry in Ukraine.
  • Product oriented development: mission impossible or new business thinking?
  • How to scale IT companies?
  • How to increase value of your company service in the market?
  • How to grow expertise in your company?
  • Using Data Science approaches in business development.
  • Enterprise development process
  • Business opportunities in the era of AI
  • Monetization of large data
  • Real cases of transformation business models: from "body shop" to service and solution oriented companies
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science Stream
  • Chat-bot technology
  • Modeling for neural networks
  • "Metrics Learning" and recognition problems
  • Deep training
  • Distributed training of neural networks
  • Blockchain in the world of Data Science
  • Data Science solutions to increase profits
  • Data Warehousing and Data Lake
PM Stream
  • Product culture - manager's dreams or standard of successful companies?
  • How to stay product and quality oriented, when deadlines are killing you and refactoring is a just a dream?
  • Reasons to introduce Business Analyst to project? Do the short-time projects need BAs? How to cover BA tasks by existing project roles?
  • Design thinking in project management.
  • How do PMs take part in Upsale process?
  • Why can not Agile and Scrum fix all troubles?
Internet of things & Mobile Tech Stream
  • Discovering the real potential of IoT
  • Trends in mobile development
  • Processing of volumetric data by mobile devices
  • Security issues in Mobile and IoT
  • How to keep applications running on new devices and updated operating systems
  • Advantages of AMP
  • Applications for augmented and virtual reality
  • On-Demand Apps
  • Mobile applications based on cloud solutions
  • Lazy loading. Patterns of designing and optimizing the application load
Product Stream
  • How to create a product which resolves the real users troubles?
  • User Research when your customers are not your users
  • How to convert users' feedback into new product features?
  • Product design in the era of algorithms
  • Why a product manager is not a project manager?
  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Product development without needed technical skills
  • Adapting software product to permanent market changes.
Quality Engineering & DevOps Stream
  • How to stop bug fixing and go live from the first product run?
  • How to build the process to support existing test cases and scenarios?
  • How to support test cases when requirements are constantly changing?
  • How to ensure test coverage for low level stack and keep business logic verified?
  • Continuous delivery and Automated deployment: challenges and solutions
Conference audience
Representatives from various IT companies of Ukraine participate in ITEM conference. The target audience is represented by experts in business, product and project management as well as professionals from delivery like software developers, quality engineers and DevOps.
Speakers benefits!
Wide audience targeted around defined areas of expertise: Business & Sales, Project and Delivery Management, Product design and management.
Business opportunity
Business connections with decision makers from top IT companies of Ukraine for further cooperation, consulting and training services.
Brand advertising
Marketing and PR opportunities via proven ITEM partners, sponsors, media channels and professional team of ITEM conference.
Chance to try speech formats alternative to regular speech described below.
Knowledge sharing
Learning from a number of experts and specialists who have common interests, creative ideas and alternative experience.
Participation in informal activities of ITEM like speech bar, afterparty, games and competition to keep work&life balance and gaining positive experience
Case studies
True cases from practice, real solutions and decisions made in the companies. Problems and Actions steps taken to resolve the tasks set by business and product needs or technological and team challenges.
Live interview
Direct and honest answers to direct and tricky questions from top IT experts just in real-time. Live dialogue with a speaker just on the stage and secrets shared in discussion mode.
Opportunity to ask questions to a speaker right after his speech just on the stage. Time to take professional advice and discuss particular case related to the speaker's topic.
Life stories of famous IT people of Ukraine and international experts in informal mode. Personal confessions made in informal speech on the bar. Sharing both success stories and obstacles in the way.
Expectations to ITEM speakers
  • Speakers background in topics of IT Business/Project/Product or Technology and Quality Management

  • Entrepreneurship thinking and a series of products and own projects/companies launched and scaled in Ukraine and/or worldwide (For Business and Product Streams of the Conference)

  • Personal experience of implementing non-standard practices and unsophisticated methodologies for managing the software development process (for Project Management Stream of the Conference)

  • Expertise in AI, Machine learning, Data Science and Big Data or IoT, Mobile and Embedded Development (For Tech Streams of the conference)

  • Successful track records in Quality Engineering area integrated into the full cycle of software development (for Quality Engineering & Devops stream of the Conference)

  • Experience of public speaking to wide audience (200+ people) Participation in other major conferences at least 5 times.

  • Openness to share case studies and practical examples including fail stories based on personal experience

  • Publications and books published for wide audience of IT professionals.

  • Recommendations from consulted companies and projects

You are welcome!