SPEAKER 2018 - Technical DAY
Semen Frish
VR Engineer at SoftServe (Ukraine)

opic: "We ARe @ Exciting Times?"
He is developed his first game for ZX Spectrum console when he was 12 years old. "I'm one of the first Ukrainian flash developers, keynote speaker and host of UAFPUG, speaker on FlashGAMM, Lviv GameDev, GameMixer and De:coded conferences, contributor to Gamasutra". He has been developing games for living since 2005. He has solely coded 31 games client part in about a year while managing a team of 6 people.

He is waiting for Virtual Reality era to come since 1997 VX-1 Helmet and Descent 2 game. Now it's a time of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality and Semen working on Interactive xR R&D projects to make it happen faster. He is developed demos for Oculus Rift and Vive on PC, Google Cardboard on iOS and GearVR on Android with Unity C# and Unreal Engine C++ and worked on kind of AAA game for VR. He has got featured on Gamasutra's main page with Virtual Reality for Developers and Engineers post and got 92% upvotes in r/gamedev on reddit.

Now he is in R&D to support innovations and immersive tech.