Sergiy Kudryashov
Head of Product at YouTeam, b2b-marketplace for hiring teams of software developers
Topic: How to turn interview into sales channel

How often do you interview not only end users but also prospects? What outcomes can you make after the interview? And what if your product only has an interview and no A/B-tests?

We at YouTeam don't have a big traffic or big advertising campaigns, but every customer brings tens of thousands dollars GMV. That's why we constantly hold solution-interviews not only with our current customers, but also with those who can become our customers in perspective. In my presentation I'll share my experience in the following:

- Quantitive and qualitative data; how to work with them;
- Solution vs Problem interviews
- Solution interview as a channel for outbound sales

Sergiy Kudryashov, Head of Product at YouTeam, b2b-marketplace for hiring software developers teams; mentor at design-center Apollo. Specialization - product companies-startups