Sergey Karpenko
Project Manager at Softserve
Tutor in PM school of LITS
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Topic: "Service in a hyper speed!"
For 12 years in IT area in different roles and functions, Sergiy created his own unique style and dynamic approach in process of teamwork building. Always searching for opportunities to make innovations and optimizations, he has never stopped his own development process. And as a result he created profitable and long-term relationships with all his customers.
Graduated from Kyiv Polytech Institute in Telecommuncation systems and networks.
Thesis to the speech:
When developing customers tasks earlier or later there is a challenge to scale them up to other clients and therefore represent the development process as a service or even a product. And the problem is how to manage resources in this transition from independent development to creating a service/product and to product support and development.
1) Roles distribution (Various types of developers, service engineers and multi-skilled BAs 2) Different cost for resources 3) different competencies of resources 4) PM role on the edge with Up Sales.