Slava Pankratov (Ukraine)
Managing Partner at School of Managers "Stratoplan", Business Trainer

Topic: Selling content: Sales scenario («timeless classic»).
Passed the way from QA engineer to CTO at "Yandex.Ukraine" and Director of Training Center "Luxoft. Ukraine"
In 2010 he cofounded School of Managers "Stratoplan" together with Alexander Orlov.
The key business expertise - marketing and sales of educational products and services.
Since 2010 more than 12000 students have been graduated from School of Managers "Stratoplan", including 5500 students of online long-term programs Its database contains 115000 active readers and subscribers. The main target audience source is social networks.
Thesis to the speech:
Scenario of product launch - is a series of touches to your product target audience.

When is it too early to run ads and when it is too late to do that?

Side sell letter — is not just the wording created by Jeff Walker, but is also a sales tool that works perfectly for product or service promotion.

I will give you a few samples of launching scenarios which have successfully worked in the previous years of School of Managers "Stratoplan" when selling long-term education programs. I will also share the unexpectedly boring scenario which has worked even better then those suggested by Walker.