Alexander Skakunov
Founder of Zero to Hero, author at

You might have read three Alexander's popular articles on DOU about his life and work in Denmark. Alexander was a CTO in Danish startup and platform developer at a biggest Danish TV channel, so he saw the IT business from both sides. Their startup was the biggest client of Google Denmark 2 years in a row. Now Alexander has returned to Ukraine and plans to help to change the national educational system.
CDD: Communication Driven Development
forget the territorial agression
what to expect when you work on client side
real-life example
forget the heirarchy
manager is not your boss
company owner is not your boss
learn to team-up
business skills learning
what is value
IP address vs. warmed-up IP address
what do clients care about ? It's not your framework.
learn the real English
don't laugh at Indiands - be aware of your own pronunciation
learn the business language - or stay wild
the cultural gap - or what hides between the lines
how to loose a client by saying wroooong things
learn the Small Talk
Small Talk - how does it help?
brake the ice - or stay wild
"you know nothing, John Snow" - a almost real-life example.
how to practise?
a Ukrainian success story "How a Ukrainian slave from a galley" built a prpduct for European customers.