Andrii Danylov
Senior Program Manager at Luxoft

12 years in IT in different roles like software engineer, consultant, PM, Program Manager, etc.
Trainer at Luxoft [series of trainings with focus on People Management].
Client prefers to communicate directly to team members. Does it make sense?
  • Project type matters: (T&M, Fixed Price)
  • Does methodology influence development?
Roles distribution between customer and team?
What is the customer's vision of the project team?
(where the managers are and what their functions are)
  • Team and customer geographyе
Distrobuted team or not
Team representative at client side.
  • What goes after project delivery?
Client's view on the delivered sopution
  • Possibile reasons for client's requests for direct communication with the team.
(untrust, negative experience, bad track records, project risks, technical background, willing to influence on decisions, lies and others)
  • Benefits and risks of direct communication for the team and for the company.
Benefits and risks of direct communication for client.
Whe the direct communication is possible and how to make it useful.
When to limit direct communication.
How to refuse in a correct way.