Anton Korchynskyi
Business coach and trainer
Recognized as experienced professional in UK, Germany and Ukraine, what is proven by his outstanding clients: Samsung, Luxoft and Volkswagen", - Imre van Gastel, founder of the "Factor C – Consulting", Spain.

Coaching and soft-skills trainings for managers and leaders Managing projects and implementing changes Business development 0 years experience in training and coaching, 5 years with IT Companies Clients in Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Malasiya, UK and Vietnam Certified by Apple Sales Trainings Academy (London, UK). Certified by Ukrainian Training Academy and International Academy of Trainings and NLP (Ukraine, Russia and other CIS Countries). Among other trainings and courses: Volkswagen Corporate University (Germany), Coaching Managers Erickson University International (Canada), Training for Trainers NORDIC Training International (Ukraine), Result-oriented Coaching.

2014-2016 – Luxoft. Multiple development programs for Team Leaders and Project Managers were provided. More than 30 clients have shown greater business results.
2014-2015 – Volkswagen AG. As a coach and project manager from 'Factor-C' (international provider for VW) has implemented new strategy and sales approach at Ukrainian VW.
2014-2015 – Apple Inc. As a coach and trainer has implemented Coaching Approach and Sales Management Framework at the National Authorized Net of dealers.
2012-2016 – private coach for individuals. Among clients there are IT Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, Scrum Master, NLP Trainer, Professional Sportsmen and others.
Leadership. Performance. Consciousness. Why and how people kill their own success while managing others.
The intent of this speech is to give you information about real drivers of success in managing people in IT. And it is not about setting goals, estimating, and even not about motivating and developing people. It is about all these things together and main component that makes them work. It is about your conscious decision of becoming… yourself. And you will see how this works through the prism of a number of real cases from business and how to establish more deep and constructive relations with your goals, project, and teammates. The purpose is to help you start doing several things differently to increase productivity of your team and be more happy of your impact. No matter you are TOP-manager or regular engineer - leadership does not depend on the role. It is the choice. And awareness of who you are in your team is the key. (no philosophy in the speech, just specific examples, skills demonstration and business-related cases).
The core questions which are going to be answered will be:
1. Why people are sometimes so hard to manage and what makes their performance poor or great?
2. Why People Management does not work so often and why Project Managers take care of it much less than they could?
3. How do the same people change performance when a leader changes? Why? 4. What skills to develop to become mature manager and what – to become a Leader? and how to do this fast?
5. What is there so important about main trends in people development of the last years (emotional intelligence, empathy, online and flipped learning, facilitation, consciousness, coaching)?
6. How can you make your current team happier and more productive using that knowledge?
Conscious leadership. Analyzing and building your scenario.

Leadership is the most efficient way of achieving results and establishing high life standards for you and your environment. There are several models of leading others and each of us already has a great leader "sleeping" inside. This is not mysterious fantasy, just simple fact, that your mindset contains a set of beliefs, ideas and models of how you can be much more efficient leader, but most of people do not realize even a part of their potential. Let's find out about yours!

For whom:

No matter what level do you have in your organization, your leadership can bring you much more. Especially valuable for leaders and managers, for senior specialists, for all, who are seeking greater results in your field.


Leadership is based on self-awareness, personal awareness of your beliefs, motives and role. During two hours we will execute several group-studies to find out your strategies and scenarios of leadership. It is true, that in your mindset, there are already several models of how you achieve results and engage people. This model in mindset is defining you role-model, behavior and action-plans, and, as the result – all your gains and losses. Your model has strong sides, limits and weaknesses, and after this work-shop you will know.

Questions to answer during workshop are:

1) What do most of people never understand about the leadership and its nature? Many faces of leadership: quite leadership, mighty leadership, friendly leadership and others.

2) Where does your leadership come from? What is your leadership behavior motivated with? What drives your leadership position?

3) What stops you from leading efficiently and how it happens?

4) What is your preferred style of leadership and what styles you need to develop or compensate by other teammates?

5) How can you attract people and drive results according to your refreshed, more complete understanding of your leadership position?

6) How can you build synergy and engagement in your organization according to the model, you already have in your mindset?

Most of workshop is going to be your practical experience.