Boris Guitton
Head of Digital Business Department Credit Agricole, France

Boris Guitton was born in Rennes, France. Received education in Master of Digital Business and management obtained in the Brest Business School, on additional as a master of International Business Environment in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012, he joined the group TetraLaval and its subsidiary HEMA FILLER, as a Strategic Analyst in order to build a Worldwide Business Plan up to five years.

In 2014, Boris launched his experience in Credit Agricole Group with a two years mission in Serbia. In charge of the development of the Digital Business Sphere, he has introduced to the teams a set of tools to develop the number of client using Digital Solution.

In 2016, Boris Guitton joined Credit Agricole Ukraine as a Head of Digital Business Department. In charge of the development of Digital Business, Education and Culture, he had implement several methods and processes to mind employees and management about the changes due to Digital in way of Banking. Boris Guitton is in change management, cross-cultural approach and data dimension during his daily basis experience in Credit Agricole Ukraine
Business & Sales
Watching your indirect competitors: Bank vs Fintech case
During the last decades banks have been the must use institution for any financial transaction or services. The arrival of Fintech has changed the model in finance business by imputing new technologies and innovations in order to compete with banks, using traditional model. Banks VS Fintech companies is a concrete example for all companies of the necessity to understand their competing environment in order to anticipate patterns change in consumption mode and increase the capacity to change management and leading technologies. Why watching further than your direct competitors became a must have to ensure the continuous existence and development of your business?
The presentation of "Le Village by Credit Agricole" will concretely highlight the way of introducing a win-win strategy with innovative players.