Borys Pratsiuk
Head of R&D engineering at Ciklum, Co-founder of startup Fino.

Borys has 5 years of experience in embedded development and 6 years in Android.
From 2007 to 2012 worked in KPI University as a Professor assistant.
In 2012 he became a Ph.D in solid state electronics.
In 2013 Borys launched Android Dev Club and has grown it up to 300 members.
From 2015 till now leading R&D department and work with IoT, VR and Machine Learning projects.
Co-founder of startup Fino.

development & quality
Problems faced during R&D projects development
  • How we told truth to client that his current solution will not work and he sign a contract.
  • How we became a friends with clients and lost money today, but open huge potential for tomorrow.
  • Scientific outsourcing. New era of Ph.D. selling are coming.