Evgeniy Ryzhenko, PhD
Head of didactics DP "Festo". Certified trainer. His professional interest directs to Industry 4.0, specializing in social changes and related new competencies of employees. As a speaker, recently Evgeniy inspired students on their contests around topics of mechtronics and mobile robotechnics in Kiev, Kharkov, Leaders Forum 2017 (Kiev, organiser of APPAU). His has active life style travelling and bicycling. His key values are mobility and constant development.
Bionics - ideas borrowed from nature.
Unique concepts of future based on samples from nature inspire us to create new promising solutions for industrial automation. The target of bionics is much more than just development of new technologies. We launch trends and create absolutely new products and technical solutions. Apart from it, iwe are really inspired! The talk will be devoted to overview of Bionics products of Festo - flying robots: gull and dragonfly, ants as social creatures, and representatives of innovational lockout and and movement system of displacement. In air, on the ground, on surface of water and under it - bionics is everywhere.