Fred Williams, 16+Y Project manager, Certified Agile Trainer
Fred is a specialist in the implementation of Agile in large companies. He deals with three topics: collection of requirements, documentation and sabotage of projects. He worked in such European IT companies as Zoom Technical, IDC, Kit Digital, Sitronics Telecoms Solutions.

For the last 16 years he has been conducting his own consulting practice of Technical Williams and training, teaching managers to properly maintain documentation and implement Agile. Advises companies in Germany, Sweden and Central Europe.
Among his clients there are several complex front-end projects: iptv services,, advertising traffic analysis in Social Bakers social networks (used by Toyota and Jagermeister, Lenovo and Nestle), IDC - a system for analyzing large data in marketing and more 10+ companies.

Fred has 47 (!) Reviews on the LinkedIn about how he helped PMs and developers better understand each other and work more effectively.
Defining business value in IT project.
What happens if the project is done without understanding the value for the client and for the participants? How to determine the value, and most importantly, how to measure what we all understood correctly? What tests to conduct to understand that the team is moving in the right direction?

Case analysis, when the value is not defined: terms with low quality and excessive costs. The methods for determining the value have been tested with great experience and universal, worked both in Central Europe and in Africa.
Defining requirements with READ, RATT, AART
  1. Fred explains how to identify specific users and buyers of software, and clearly evaluate the cost of the proposed features.
  2. Participants create detailed descriptions of users and customers, including their goals and values.
  3. Participants translate goals into the proposed functionality and design cost tests. Participants can use these tests to further define functions and prioritize values based on value for users and customers.
  4. Participants create Epics and User Stories for development on Agile, and also set non-negotiable environmental restrictions and parameters for users and customers.
  5. Participants of the seminar will get acquainted with the new approach to business, the purpose of which is to identify opportunities and create high-quality software.
  6. The application of this human-oriented hypothesis, i.e. Approach taking into account the human factor, and most importantly its verifiability and testing capability will improve your work with customers both in the product and in the outsourcing business.