Iryna Kulakova
Senior Engineer at Skype (Microsoft), Czech Republic

Iryna born in Ukraine, Lviv. Started carrier in Ukraine as Backend C++ Engineer. Joined Skype as a contractor in 2007 . Became FTE of Skype Czech Republic 5 years ago. Went from Skype to Microsoft after acquisition. Right now, she is a Lead in Dynamics CRM, Microsoft. Her job is to build distributed Azure based solutions for big data processing. She is driving feature team, do tech talks, author of few patents. Can speak about this hours J. Just ask questions.
Development & Quality
How to get started on large scale digital transformation
Presentation includes basic explanation on what is DevOps model, what is reasoning to move to DevOps model. Also, I will talk about monitoring of your production service, how to avoid false alerting and detect dependency failure, resolve issue in the defined SLA.
Iryna Kulakova, Senior Engineer at Skype (Microsoft)