Oleksii Vinogradov
Founder at Heartln Inc, USA

Oleksii is a serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years experience. He creates twelve companies and do couple exits while. His professional background is business and team development, software/hardware engineering, sales, and finance.
Last eight years he is focusing on healthcare area with a company called HeartIn. Oleksii's company creates a unique smart t-shirt with build in sensors, that brings wellness solutions and cardio-diagnostic to the mass market. The product has user-friendly comfortable design and costs just $160. On the wearable market now dominate devices with very low accuracy measurement HR/HRV and no solutions for mass preventive diagnostic. Those problems a team of HeartIn likes to solve.
As the same time, Oleksii provides a way for the small teams and scientists s to push new innovative products to the market. The expertise of his team, set of software, which is ready to using, gives hope that my cooperation for new products will be success.
Public interview:
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