Sergey Berezhnoy, 12+ Y Project Manager
(@anotherpm) - Director of Product Development в DAESA, спикер, тренер и циник :) больше 12 лет работаю на менеджерских позициях в разработке программного обеспечения: Luxoft, GlobalLogic, Wargaming.
How not to be tied to the terms and stay happy:)
In classical project management there is a triangle "terms-money-scope of work". As a result, most projects fail in one or even three criteria, everyone writes "Lesson Learned", they say "I will never-never make these mistakes again" , however, after that another project starts and "this has never happened" turns into "here is once again".

Agile has moved slightly further and promotes Value management approach, which means uncertainty about terms becomes part of the system and there are available mechanisms which support this all: fixed iterations, WSGF and so on.

In Product Management the issue of terms has been placed even farther away. On the first position go users' feedbacks, hypothesis verification and validated learning. Speaking about terms with fixed amount of work scope becomes impossible.

In my practice the question about WHAT should be done becomes more important than WHEN. That is why I will speak about examples and approaches how to switch attention from dates and deadlines to value and business profit. This is not a simple measurement but rather a sort of reframing which is able to significantly reduce the number of broken expectations as far as terms are concerned.