Vadym Synakh
Chief Operating Officer, AMC Bridge

With over 350 employees, Vadym manages the AMC Bridge LLC operations in Ukraine. He is currently responsible for aligning the company's strategic goals while optimizing day-to-day operations. He provides leadership to the back-office functions and directs the automation of internal and external business processes.

Vadym was instrumental in creation of the company's first development center in Dnipro and its progress from a small regional outlet to a powerful development team - currently AMC Bridge operates fivedevelopment centers in Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Khmelnitsky and Sumy.

Project Estimation Roadmap: Lessons Learned
Correct estimation is a key initial step on a way to a successfully completed project. Despite dozens of project estimation techniques and approaches, poor project estimation still stays one of the most common issues for projects drastically failed. Let's be honest – all of us have read, heard and tried enough to know what exactly should be done. In theory. But who, when and how should carry out those steps to meet customer expectations?

This presentation demonstrates project estimation process in our company. We will discuss the most important aspects of estimation workflow, project roles and communication with a customer, negotiations process as well as analysis of the results.
It is based on 15+ years of our experience as a vendor of software development services. We'll review practical estimation tips which will work both for big corporations and startups.