Vitalii and Yurа Kyryliv
Designers & Founders at Hochu rayu. design bureau

Design Bureau "Hochu rayu" was founded in 2007 by two brothers Yurii and Vitalii Cyril. Danuta Cril has joined us in 2011 and become a partner of our agency.
While creating our own brand "Hochu rayu" we have been asked the next question: what is the best place for us all. We were inspired by the idea of paradise, and decided to move this place to the ground. We show our aim with the slogan:
"The path to the dream is to creat a paradise on earth."
The main our directions are space design with communication elements and product design. Creating spatial design, we offer design solutions unique history, which increases the efficiency of our clients business. Subject design from "Hochu rayu" are entire microcosms in one subject that will complement your personal space or successfully represent your business product.
Vector of product creation - Senstone case studies
Everything that allows you to develop or stops you is your own frame
Vitalii Kyryliv, Designer & co-founder at Hochu rayu. design bureau