Speakers & Topics
Rick Tumlinson
CEO & Founder в EarthLight Foundation, Founder, CEO New Worlds Institute, Founder and Chairman of the Board Deep Space Industries, Founding Board Member в XPRIZE, Co-founder в Space Frontier Foundation, Argentina
Rick Tumlinson is the co-founder of several space companies and non-profits including Deep Space Industries, Orbital Outfitters, the New Worlds Institute, and the Space Frontier Foundation. He is an active space entrepreneur and space activist. He has testified on space-related topics before the U.S. Congress six times since 1995. Read more

Language: English
James Stewart
Digital transformation consultant and former Deputy CTO, UK government
James Stewart is a technology leader with extensive hands-on experience building capability, setting direction, developing and operating digital services, and leading organisations through substantial change.
Previously, as a co-founder of the UK Government Digital Service, he played a wide variety of roles in the digital transformation of the the UK government, from hands-on technology lead through to Deputy CTO for Government.

Topic June, 17: How to get started on large scale digital transformation.
Target audience: #developers, #teamleads #techleads #QAs #projectmanagers #productmanagers #CEO #CTO #businessowners #productowners

Language: English

Manuel de Vits
Expert in sales and business development, ex. Renault, Luxemburg
17+ years in sales and commercial development of business. The experience of negotiations with large European enterprises, and with personalities. Read more

Topic June, 17: Lead generation + Prospecting: How to build a great long-term funnel of opportunities.
Target audience: #marketing, #sales, #c-level

Workshop* June, 18: From 0 to ... customers - Steps to scaling your B2B customer acquisition.
Target audience: #marketing, #sales, #c-level

*Available with ITEM+ ticket.
Language: English
Managing partner, Director of Business Development at Skyeng, ex. Yandex
He joined Skyeng team in January 2014. From 2008 till 2014 he managed teh international development at Yandex, where he came from the position of Marketing Director at Novotelecom - telecommunication market leader of Novosibirsk. He is ideologist and founder of a number of large regional internet projects. He has been working in Internet industry since 1994. Read more

Format: live interview
Language: Russian
Victor Haydin
Vice-President in Marketing and Sales in Intellias company, a teacher-trainer in Business Development course in Lviv ІТ School ("Strategy" module).
Victor started his career ten years ago as an engineering developer. Since November 2016 Victor has been responsible for Sales and Marketing in Intellias which belongs to the most quickly-growing private companies in Europe according to Inc.com. Read more

Topic June, 17: Selling invisible things: difference in service and product marketing.
Target audience: #marketing, #sales, #c-level
Language: Russian
Olena Zanichkovska
Co-Founder, Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at The Gradient Director of Business Development School at LITS. PhD in Management.
Seasoned specialist in IT-industry with more than 11 years of experience in project, program, account management, as well as business development. ex-Head of ELEKS Digital and BDD at Perfectial. Trainer. Speaker. Read more

Topic June, 17: Marketing in IT - hidden potential of the growth.
Target audience: #sales #projectmanager #c-level
Language: Russian

Georgy Solovyov
CEO at Skyeng
Co-founder of Skyeng company. Graduate of Moscow physical-technical university, Winner of national competition of tech science. He has been combining his science education and research at Institute of Solid bodies. Having bright balance of scientific mindset and business scalability he managed to found and develop Skyeng project to an international successful business in a very short term. Read more

live interview
Language: Russian
Ian Chernov
Chief Business Development Officer at Yalantis, Co-founder/CCO at Kaiiax
Ian consults IT companies on brand development and marketing, helps Yalantis to grow business and acquire new expertise. Ian is a multidisciplinary IT professional with hands-on experience in technology research, UX architecture, project management and marketing.
Read more

Topic June, 17: What IT companies should talk about on their websites?
Target audience: #c-level #sales #marketing
Language: Russian

Anna Stetsenko
The founder of the international IT-recruiting agency Indigo
Anna helps with the opening of development centers in Ukraine. She likes to share experience and inspiration. She acts as a business coach, speaker and author of articles on the topic of management, recruiting and personal effectiveness. She knows how to keep business & travel balance and manages her own company traveling from Japan to Antarctica. Read more

Business Stream Moderator
Language: Russian
Zuzi Sochova
Agile & Enterprise Coach; Certified Scrum Trainer; the author of The Great ScrumMaster Book; Scrum Alliance member.
Zuzi has been working with Agile methodology since 2005 when she was working in the USA in a huge medical manufacturer Medtronic. Clients: DHL, Tesсo, Autodesk, T-Mobile, Rockwell Automatation and 20+ customers. Read more

Topic June, 17: Tribes in corporate culture and their influence on project management.
Target audience: #sales #projectmanagers #c-level #hrmanagers #recruiters
Language: English

Roland Flemm
Agile coach/scrum master @ backbase, Netherlands
His technical background in development and infrastructure spans a period of more than 20 years, but more relevant are the 7 years Roland is working as a scrum master and agile coach.
Roland worked on numerous projects in various international companies, mainly in the banking industry. All of the projects he contributed to, near/and offshoring was involved. Read more

Topic June, 17: Remote team facilitation.
Target audience: #sales #projectmanagers #c-level #hrmanagers #recruiters
Language: English

Fred Williams
Certified Agile Trainer, Czech Republic
Fred is a specialist in introducing Agile in big companies. He deals with three topics: gathering requirements, running documentation and project sabotage. He used to work in such European IT-companies as Zoom Technical, IDC, Kit Digital, Sitronics Telecoms Solutions. Read more

Topic June, 17: Defining business value in IT project.
Target audience: #developers #teamleads #techleads #qa #qaleads

Workshop* June, 18: Defining requirements with READ, RATT, AART.
Target audience: #developers #teamleads #techleads #qa #qaleads

*Available with ITEM+ ticket.
Language: English

Sergey Berezhnoy
Director of Product Development в DAESA, ex. Wargaming, Cyprus
(@anotherpm) - Director of Product Development in DAESA, speaker, trainer and cynic :) He has been working in managerial positions in software development for over 12 years: Luxoft, GlobalLogic, Wargaming. Read more

Topic June, 17: How not to be tied to the terms and stay happy:)
Target audience: #projectmanagers #developers #teamleads #techleads #qaleads
Language: Russian
Vadym Synakh
Chief Operating Officer at AMC Bridge, USA
With over 350 employees, Vadym manages the AMC Bridge LLC operations in Ukraine. He is currently responsible for aligning the company's strategic goals while optimizing day-to-day operations. He provides leadership to the back-office functions and directs the automation of internal and external business processes. Read more

Topic June, 17: Project Estimation Roadmap: Lessons Learned.
Target audience: #teamlead #techlead #qalead #projectmanager #c-level #sales
Language: Russian
Andrii Danylov
Senior Program Manager at Luxoft
12 years in IT in different roles like software engineer, consultant, PM, Program Manager, etc. Trainer at Luxoft [series of trainings with focus on People Management].

Topic June, 17: Client prefers to communicate directly to team members. Does it make sense?
Target audience: #teamlead #techlead #qalead #projectmanager #c-level #sales
Language: Russian

Artem Mykhailyuk
The founder and managing partner in such companies as BizGames, Prosto Trening, TeamMaster, a business trainer, a trainer in business games development, a development consultant, a methodologist.
Workshop* June, 18: Live offline PMI business game "Iron road".
Target audience: #projectmanagers
*Available with ITEM+ ticket.
Language: Russian
Borys Pratsiuk
Head of R&D engineering at Ciklum, Co-founder of startup Fino.
Borys has 5 years of experience in embedded development and 6 years in Android.
From 2007 to 2012 worked in KPI University as a Professor assistant.
In 2012 he became a Ph.D in solid state electronics.
In 2013 Borys launched Android Dev Club and has grown it up to 300 members.
From 2015 till now leading R&D department and work with IoT, VR and Machine Learning projects.
Co-founder of startup Fino.

Topic June, 17: Problem faced during R&D projects development.
Target audience: #developers #teamlead #techlead #qalead #projectmanager
Language: Ukrainian or English

Sergey Nemchinskiy
Founder & Director at FoxmindED
20 years in software development, 15 years in Java. Sergey performed and combined technical and management role of Java lead and Project Manager in most of large outsourcing companies. Moreover, he also educates and trains employees of Luxoft, Ciklum, Nettracker, IntroPro. Read more

Topic June, 17: Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Delivery in the real world.
Target audience: #developers #teamlead #techlead #qalead #projectmanager

Topic June, 18 (Product stream): How to create a product for market competitors and make friends with them.
Language: Russian
Mikalai Alimenkou
Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM
Senior Delivery Manager, Java Tech Lead and experienced coach. Expert in Java development, scalable architecture, Agile engineering practices and project management. Having 13+ years of development experience, specializes on complex distributed scalable systems. Active participant and speaker of many international conferences. Founder and coach in training center XP Injection. Read more

Format: live interview
Language: Russian
Iryna Kulakova
Senior Engineer at Skype (Microsoft), Czech Republic
15 years of engineering experience. Started in the outsourcing, went through startup projects, joined Skype backend team before Microsoft acquisition. Happy Microsoft employee for multiple years

Topic June, 17: DevOps: How to sleep well when your service is running in production.
Presentation includes basic explanation on what is DevOps model, what is reasoning to move to DevOps model. Also, I will talk about monitoring of your production service, how to avoid false alerting and detect dependency failure, resolve issue in the defined SLA.
Target audience: #developers #teamleads #techleads
Language: English
Vladimir Zheleznyak
IT-Boost cofounder, Head of support and Backend Team lead at FundSeeder
18 years in IT in different roles like software engineer, PM, programmer again and later CTO. Changing programming languages several times he developed different products in different business domains. From his own experience he is aware how different IT cases look and are managed in various approaches. He also observed many times how successful projects failed due to tunnel management view. Read more

Topic June, 17: Product owner and software engineers think differently. Typical mistakes and ways to fix them.
Target audience: #c-level #developer
Language: Russian

Alexander Skakunov
Founder of Zero to Hero, author at DOU.ua
You might have read three Alexander's popular articles on DOU about his life and work in Denmark. Alexander was a CTO in Danish startup and platform developer at a biggest Danish TV channel, so he saw the IT business from both sides. Their startup was the biggest client of Google Denmark 2 years in a row. Now Alexander has returned to Ukraine and plans to help to change the national educational system. Read more

Topic June, 17: CDD: Communication Driven Development.
Target audience: #developers #teamleads #techleads
Language: Russian
Yuriy Vedenin
Founder of UXPressia, Belarus
Yuri Vedenin is the founder of UXPressia, an online tool to create customer journey maps.He is also the founder and the CEO of UX consulting and services company UXpresso, founder and trainer at training center ITMINE.

Topic* June, 18: Behind the scenes of one product
Target audience: #product-managers, #business-analysts, #department-heads
*Available with ITEM+ ticket and ITEM Product ticket.
Language: Russian

Yurа Kyryliv
Designer & Co-founder at Hochu rayu. design bureau
Design Bureau "Hochu rayu" was founded in 2007 by two brothers Yurii and Vitalii Cyril. Danuta Cril has joined us in 2011 and become a partner of our agency.
While creating our own brand "Hochu rayu" we have been asked the next question: what is the best place for us all. We were inspired by the idea of paradise, and decided to move this place to the ground. We show our aim with the slogan:
"The path to the dream is to creat a paradise on earth."

Topic* June, 18: "Rakes or how design Senstone was created"
Language: Russian
Vitalii Kyryliv
Designer & Co-founder at Hochu rayu. design bureau
The main our directions are space design with communication elements and
product design. Creating spatial design, we offer design solutions unique history, which increases the efficiency of our clients business. Subject design from "Hochu rayu" are entire microcosms in one subject that will complement your personal space or successfully represent your business product.
Link to our portfolio:

Topic* June, 18: "Rakes or how design Senstone was created"
Language: Russian
Andrey Umanskiy
Product Manager in EVO, prom.ua project
Earlier worked for prom.ua and JBS Ukraine as a Project Manager.

Topic* June, 18: Everybody knows MVP. Nobody knows MMP and MLP

*Available with ITEM+ ticket and ITEM Product ticket.
Language: Russian

Alexander Marinich
Engineering Manager at Grammarly
We build a widely specialized and complex product with resources of a relatively small team.

Topic* June, 18: Product Engineering at Grammarly
Kristina Pototska
Evangelist at TriggMine, email marketing automation service
During pasted 2 years she successfully launched more than 50 email campaigns for e-commerce websites. She's also the voice of TriggMine. Kristina performed as a speaker at 100+ events in Europe & Asia. Among them are 10 Meet Magento events, Predictive Analytics World in London and San Francisco, Global Predictive Analytics Conference in Santa Clara CA, eComExpo (Spain), Webit Summit (Bulgaria, Turkey), Wolves Summit 1st & 2nd edition (Poland). Kristina was a moderator on Bitrix24day and Ecommerce conferences.

Product stream moderator
Language: Russian

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