Vladimir Zheleznyak
IT-Boost cofounder, Head of support and Backend Team lead at FundSeeder.

18 years in IT in different roles like software engineer, PM, programmer again and later CTO. Changing programming languages several times he developed different products in different business domains. From his own experience he is aware how different IT cases look and are managed in various approaches. He also observed many times how succesful projects failed due to tunel management view.
Product owner and software engineers think differently. Typical mistakes and ways to fix them.
Business owners think in money, timelines, features and quality. Software programmers think in code quality, code supportability and scalability.

  • I pay you money. So, you must work in my way. © Business owner.
  • I make your program code and you should care about me. © Software programmer.
  • If I set a deadline, you must meet this deadline. © Business owner.
  • I will not write crappy code. I can not give you estimate. © Software programmer.
The feature seems clear for everyone. But, unexpectedly, the nessage comes from business owners: "Please remove this feature" or developers give unsure explanation like "This task took more time due to objective reasons".

What mistakes did both sides make and how to fix them?