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Gigi Wang (USA)
Industry Fellow & Faculty, SCET
Board Member, Past Chair & President at VLAB
Managing Partner at MG-Team, LLC
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Topic: "From Linear to Exponential"
Gigi Wang is an Industry Fellow & Faculty at UC Berkeley Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship where she teaches a start-up boot-camp and executive innovation programs. She also runs a consulting firm, MG-Team, LLC, which delivers programs for entrepreneurship and innovation, and services for international business development. Read more
Stephen Parry (United Kingdom)
CEO Lloyd Parry International. Creating Adaptive Organisations and Cultures. Sense and Respond Org Designer and Change Architect
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Topic of the speech and workshop:
"Re-Purposing the Business:
Changeability, Adoptability and Capability."

Stephen Parry is an international leader and organisational architect, designing and creating adaptive organisations and cultures. He has a world-class reputation for passionate leadership and corporate transformation by changing the way employees, managers and leaders think about their business and their customers. He is the CEO of Lloyd Parry International, a consulting group creating Adaptive Organisations and Differentiation.
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John Sung Kim (USA)
CEO JetBridge
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Topic: "Raising Money The First Time - It's About What You Don't Say."
John Sung Kim is a tech entrepreneur from San Francisco and is the founder of Five9 (valued at over $1.3 Billion on NASDAQ) and DoctorBase (which he sold to Kareo). He currently splits his time between the USA and the CIS region.
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Tamara Kulinkovich (Belarus)
Co-founder of "Sorokin & Kulinkovich studio" and "Skitapi"
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Topic: " The Abysses on the B2B way:
what we unterstood, when developing and selling SAAS product. "

Tamara specialized in business research and psychology of needs and started her 10 year experience in product management and sales since organized an HR- and marketing-solution-providing company. After some years company started automation projects in HR and Sales and opened schools for digital HR, business research and sales. In all these units, Tamara is responsible for product development and sales.
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Sïmon Saneback (Sweden)
Co-founder Wellstreet и Chairman at Ecommerce Europe
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Sïmon is an award-winning geek with substantial experience in the online industry in general and the e-commerce domain in particular.

He founded his first startup at 16 years of age and has since started over dozens of different companies. Since the late nineties, being in an entrepreneurial environment and developing successful businesses he has been two of his greatest passions. Read more
David Braun (Ukraine)
David is a well-known public activist and serial IT entrepreneur. In May 2002 together with his mates, he co-founded the TemplateMonster company.
The business is run by a 35 year old CEO – David Braun – who has built a team of 427 people, and through everybody's combined efforts reached $15M in revenue.

He is the happy father of 3 children, a drummer and passionate social activist in the development of the local small businesses. Read more
Kristina Pototska (Ukraine)
Growth Product Manager, RetargetApp
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Topic: "How to gain 10K paying users for your product without any marketing budgets"
Kristina is a Product Manager at RetargetApp, Facebook Ad intelligence for Shopify. She is great when it comes to retargeting and remarketing tips.
During pasted 4 years, as a growth product manager she successfully launched more than 100 product features for eCommerce websites.

She's also the voice of RetargetApp.
Kristina performed as a speaker at 100+ events in USA,
Europe & Asia. Read more
Alexander Sambuk (New Jersey)
Global Operations Director / COO at Luxoft
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Global Technology & Operations Executive experienced at leading global technology services, application development, and cybersecurity companies.

Proven Team Builder & Team Leader who is able to create transparency, foster buy-in, and effectively engage technicians and Board members in new business and technology initiatives. Read more
Allan Grant (California)
Co-Founder of Hired and Talkable. Hacker/Entrepreneur
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Allan Grant has been passionate about software development since writing his first game at age 7. Between ages 13 and 18, Allan earned his 10,000 hours coding online games (in C) with thousands of players.

In college, Allan founded a web development company, Webmasters International, and bootstrapped it to profitability with 50+ employees. Most recently, Allan co-founded Talkable, the leading social referral platform for ecommerce companies. Read more
Vladimir Sytnikov (Ukraine)
Vladimir is General Manager at Novnify, a member of ZEO Alliance company. Before starting a career in software product management, Vladimir had succeeded in consumer electronics marketing and sales. He graduated from ZEO University Product school, spent a few years working in product management and marketing, and eventually came with an idea of StopAd - an ad-blocking solution to address the problem of excessive and annoying online advertising. Read more
Solomon Amar (Israel)
Solomon has more than 19 Years of leadership experience in Software Product Development and Product Market Launch. For the last 13 years Leading and managing the International IT Services Group- "AllStars-IT" and its Ukrainian subsidiary.

AllStars IT Ukraine is a leading international IT offshore staffing services company Located in Kiev, providing services to HighTech, Banking and Telecom sectors mainly in the US, UK, Germany and Israel. Read more
Dmitry Khomenko (Ukraine)
COO inCust

Topic: "From startup to business"
He has experience in launches in the areas of construction, business consulting, advertising, marketing, mobile application development, CRM and ERP systems. And even in art. Created consulting products for diagnostics and management of business processes.
Organized the first Ukrainian social art project named "Incarnate the mission. Art and business", which united the best young Ukrainian artists and the elite of Ukrainian business in various areas (OLX, Nova Poshta, Delloitte, EVO.Company, Biosphere and others)
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Valery Krasovsky (Ukraine)
Being the co-founder of Sigma Software, Valery Krasovsky headed the company since its inception, first as a Chief Operating Office, and then as Chief Executive Officer. Under Valery`s leadership the company has grown from a small business with few clients in Europe to a premier software provider offering superior quality IT services for such companies like Volvo, AT&T, SAS, Fortum, Formpipe, Scania, and other world-known brands. Read more
Natali Renska (Ukraine)
Program Manager at Luxoft
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Topic: "Idea: From support to development.
From sql requests to Prod"
Have more than 13 years of experience in software development industry with strong specialization in delivery and people management.
Strong hands-on experience in project , program and portfolio management using different methodologies/ approaches. Deep knowledge in programming and data base development concepts. Considerable experience in risk management and obstacles overcoming. Possess excellent communication as well as problem solving skills.Read more
Alex Wellman (Estonia)
Head of Marketing at the Republic of Estonia, e-Residency

Topic: "The future of nation states and digital governance"
Workshop: "E-Residency in Estonia: How to establish an. EU company and access EU business banking from anywhere."

Alex Wellman currently serves as head of marketing for The Republic of Estonia's e-Residency programme where he manages the digital marketing efforts for the programme across the globe. Estonia was the first country to launch e-Residency, a government-issued digital ID card available to anyone in the world interested in running a global EU business. So far more than 28,000 people from 140+ countries have applied for e-Residency and have started 3,000 companies in Estonia. Read more
Sergey Karpenko (Ukraine)
Project Manager at Softserve
Tutor in PM school of LITS
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For 12 years in IT area in different roles and functions, Sergiy created his own unique style and dynamic approach in process of teamwork building. Always searching for opportunities to make innovations and optimizations, he has never stopped his own development process. Read more
Vitaliy Kulikov (USA)
Staff Software Engineer at Pinterest

Topic: "Embedding-Based Search and Recommendations"
Vitaliy is three times an MIT graduate, an ex-Microsoftie, and twice
an ex-Googler.
Working experience:
2004-2005 - Software Engineer (Microsoft)
2005-2006 - Software Engineer (Google)Data Mining and Analysis
Provided Google leadership with data to make strategically-important decisions, including acquisition of YouTube in 2006.
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Enrique López Mañas (Germany)
Freelance Software Engineer & Mentor (Munich Area, Germany)
Part of the Google Expert Crew since 2014
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opic: "Continuous Integration Processes related to mobile app development"
Enrique has been developing for Android since 2008. He has also experience with iOS and Windows Phone on the client side, and J2EE, NodeJS and Python on the server side. He enjoys applying Firebase in projects. Computer Vision and ML aficionado.
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Denis Yarats (California)
Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research
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Topic: "Neural Machine Translation with using convolutional neural networks. Facebook case."
Denis is a Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research. His research interest is to develop intelligent agents that can communicate with people and perform useful tasks, with the ultimate goal to liberate people from the burden of mundane routines. In particular, he's focusing on advancing fields of Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning.
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Aleksandr Gritsevski (Estonia)
System Quality & Risk Manager at Kuehne + Nagel
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20+ years of extensive experience in software development as Team Leader, Scram master, Automation Manager, Software Engineer, Comprehensive knowledge of software design and implementations Skills in the some program languages, tools and technologies.
15+ years experience in the design and implementation of web-based applications.
15+ years experience in the company management.
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Andrejs Kalnacs (Latvia)
Lead Software Developer in Test Evolution Gaming
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Andrejs has 10 years of industry experience in software testing in different business
domains - gaming, mobile telecommunications, biometrics, banking & retail. Currently Andrejs works as Lead Software Developer in Test at Evolution Gaming, skyrocketing web app testing to new level – implementing not only functional testing solutions, but also non-functional - as performance and load time tests.
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Irina Vidal Migallón (Germany)
Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer at Siemens

Topic: "When and how to migrate to a Deep Learning solution from a traditional ML approach"
Irina has a MEng in Electrical Engineering and a MSc in Biomedical Engineering and very soon took a liking to visual problems in Machine Learning and AI: whether it be object detection, segmentation or video retrieval. This has led her to work as a Computer Vision engineer in different industries: from optical biopsy systems at France's INRIA to surgical planning tools and Augmented Reality applications in the Berlin start-up scene.
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Claudiu Draghia (Romania)
Quality Manager at Capgemini Consulting (Romania)
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Topic : "Misconceptions of Software Testing"
Author of well known Testing challenges. Claudiu worked in different companies, in in-house projects, as outsourced, within proof of concept projects, with different technologies and different business areas. Since 2012 Claudiu got involved in local testing community and started to work on his own on testing related projects.
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Diana Pinchuk (Ukraine)
QA Engineer at GetSocial BV
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opic: "Deep linking tests of Android Apps"
Diana is a curious QA engineer with 4+ years of experience in various fields (last 2 years focused on mobile testing). A huge fan of tech podcasts, co-organizer of GDG Lviv community and GDG DevFest Ukraine conference. ISTQB Advanced level certified.
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Oleksandr Gurbych (Ukraine)
Scientific Software Engineer & Mentor at Biolin Scientific R&D / Ciklum (Lviv, Ukraine)
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Oleksandr is Oracle Certified Professional, patent owner and PhD candidate in the field of Computational Chemistry. He was engaged in the development of algorithms and enterprise solutions in the USA. Now he is doing Big Data analysis for Scandinavian Biotech industry. Also Oleksandr is Java and Machine Learning mentor at LITS.
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Ivan Pashko (Ukraine)
Scrum Master / QA at Ciklum
Typical software engineer. Along the almost 10 years career in IT, was working as QA, support, security, automation, development engineer and team leader. Daily duties were to design strategies, develop automation processes, maintain gaps, work closely with the clients and cross-functional departments to succeed in product delivery. Speaker on various Ukrainian conferences. Read more