October 14-15, 2018. Dnipro.
Menorah cultural and business center, 4/26 Sholom-Aleichem Street

Since 2013

Business owners, CEO, CFO, COO, PM, Team Leaders, Software & Quality engineers
IT companies
Representatives from leading IT companies of Ukraine are attending ITEM every year
ITEM is one of the largest and most important IT conferences in Ukraine.

The mission of the conference is to gather the IT community and discuss the future of IT industry as well to find the ways further development. Discuss the prospects for moving from an outsourcing business to a service and product business. Provide tools, methods and principles of organizational structure to be integrated into the business culture of IT projects, products and companies.

The conference gathers the heads of Ukrainian and international IT companies, opinion leaders and successful practices in the field of software development. Speakers from 20 countries of the world have spoken at the conference for 5 years. The conference was attended by representatives of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Skype, Lenovo, Spotify, WIX and others.

The event is held with the support of authoritative Ukrainian organizations.

In 2016, 2017 the conference was awarded by status of the BEST IT conference of Ukraine based on DOU.UA survey results - the authoritative IT media resource. We trying to keep quality of ITEM and proud rewarded in 2017 by DOU.UA

For 5 years, ITEM sponsors were such companies as:
ITEM 2018 will be incredible!
October 14-15, 2018. Dnipro.
Menorah cultural and business center
2 days
This year the program consists of business and technical days;

200+ IT companies
The conference is attended by participants from all the leading companies in the industry

60 speakers
8 streams of presentations, case studies and workshops

80+ partner companies
Sponsors, media support, gift partners
800+ participants
IT specialists from all over Ukraine
95% of IT professionals
Closed event for IT professionals only
Audience of the conference
Representatives of practically all IT companies of Ukraine take part in the conference. In addition, most of the participants are so-called "decision makers" in the companies.
  • IT business owners


  • Project and Product Managers in IT

  • HR and heads of departments in IT

  • Software and quality engineers

  • Representatives of large and medium business (telecommunications, banking, insurance companies, B2B business, retail), which are looking towards the development of new informational technologies

The conference regularly represented
by the following companies:
Sponsorship packages from $ 500
Status + Stand-Set
Status without Stand-Set

6x5 m
up to 4 people at stand

4 х 3 m / 4х2 m
up to 3 people at stand

3х2 m / 3х3 m
up to 2 people at stand

Package Options
Tickets All Inclusive
Logo on the brand-entrance
Logo on badges of participants

Ads unit in the participant program

Logo on the brand-wall
(3 * 4m) in the main lobby
Welcome word of the sponsor from the stage at the opening of the conference
Mentioning sponsors support when publishing articles in major authoritative media
(publications are being specified)
Сompany page in the mobile app
Extra Branding in coordination with the organizers
Placement in the newsletter in the format of an ads unit with information about the company + picture
Participation in the quest (the participants of the quest bypass all the stands of sponsoring participants and put a seal in the leaflet)
One sponsorship post in social networks during the conference
Handout in packages
Video Frames with the sponsor in the final video of the conference
Placements of rollups
References in press releases
Gratitude from the stage from the host
References in post releases
The reserved table of the company for pre-party and afterparty
Logo and description in mobile app
Report about an event
Logo in the final video of the conference clip
Drawing a gift from the stage
(cost of a gift from $ 500)
Souvenir products in packages of participants
(except for notebooks, pens, handouts)
Logo on the cover of the brochure (last page)
Logo on the main page of the site
The rights to use the conference materials
Company logo, link and information on the site
Business Dating in a mobile app
Exclusive sponsorship packages
For market leaders
The general sponsor
only one package
$10 000
  • All platinum sponsor options
  • + Branding of the main scene
  • + Branding of the main hall
  • + Branding of the mobile app
  • + Branding T-shirts volunteers *
  • + Logo in the header of the site

  • * on the T-shirt necessarily image of the word "volunteer" (T-shirts are provided by the sponsor)
Co-organizer flow
only 4 packages
$6 000
  • All platinum sponsor options
  • + the ability to rebrand one of the conference threads
  • + the possibility of any other branding in the stream is excluded, except for the official sponsor and the ITEM conference
Enable any package with additional options
Some options can be purchased separately from the sponsorship package
Ribbons for badges

No conference is complete without these souvenir accessories. Tapes for badges are used as unique advertising media, which clearly indicate a high level of development of the company. For sale only with a sponsorship package.
When adding the ITEM logo to the ribbon, the option price is $ 1000. Production is not included in the price.
For sale only to one sponsor

Participant packages

Package participant - the first thing that causes a visitor practical interest.
For sale only with a sponsorship package. With the image of ITEM logo on the package - the option price is $ 1000.
The design and quality of the package are coordinated with the organizer. The production of packages is not included in the price.
It is sold only to one sponsor.

Notepads and pens in the participant package
The usefulness and versatility of such stationery makes them very effective advertising media. The cost of the package does not include the production of the office.
It is sold only to one sponsor.

Branding mediazone

Placement of the logo on the banner set in the media zone to record interviews
Promotional materials in participants' packages
Advertising polygraphy (image / information leaflets, booklets, other printed products). No more than 2 sheets of A4 in total.

Banner in the location

The location is determined in accordance with the wishes of the sponsor and the capabilities of the organizers. The size of the banner is 0, 8 by 2 m
Unique name for the status

The status best displays the position / values of the company. Status options are discussed. Information about the status is placed on the site, in the mobile application, in the program of the event
Interview with the sponsor for our video blog
During the conference, the film crew will work to create a digest of the event. Video blogs will be posted on youtube channel, in a blog on the site, in social networks ITEM. Sold only with sponsorship package

Drawing of the gift among the participants

In addition, draw the attention of the audience to your brand of a gift draw. When the cost of the gift is from $ 500, the drawing is conducted from the stage, less than $ 500 - at the stand of the sponsor
Gift or souvenir in the participant package or welcome gift
The filling of the participant package of all conferences is often the subject of discussion. Such attention is provided by original souvenir production. When gifts are not only practical, but also emotional, participants want to talk about them, take pictures, share them in social networks with friends and acquaintances. The format (size / weight) of the gift is agreed with the organizer

Welcome gift to speakers

It has already become a good tradition of the conference - gifts to speakers. As a rule, this set / basket with presents is delivered to the hotel room where the speaker stopped. It does not have to be a product of your brand, you can brand a package or attach a welcome letter. Gifts are provided to all speakers and must be the same
Promotional materials on promoters
$ 300

Placement of printed and souvenir branded products (business cards, booklets, leaflets, flash drives, cases for phones, etc.) on promoters

Declare yourself outside the box

Sponsor of IT development in Ukraine

The sponsor buys 20 tickets,
which will be raffled among the desired audience (students / teachers of IT specialties, start-ups). To participate, you will need to write a motivation letter. The sponsor chooses the winner and accordingly gets the audience base. The information on the drawing will be posted on the conference website, in social networks and on the websites of information partners

Sponsor of the development of IT communities in Ukraine
The stands of 10 IT communities will be placed at the conference. Since these are not profitable organizations, but important in this area, we provide them with free stands, and the sponsor buys tickets (20 tickets - for each community 2 tickets). This status of the sponsor will be published on the site, in the social networks of ITEM and each of the IT communities

Sponsor pre-party/ after party

Prepaty - the event on the eve of the conference for all participants in the format "matchbar" - the moderator interviews the speakers on interesting topics for the audience.
After party is a place for rest, new acquaintances, informal communication surrounded by colleagues and a cool show program. Variants of sponsorship - branding of the hall, cocktails as a gift and other

Sponsor of charging stations

Another demanded area will be the charging stations zone. Here, participants will be able to leave their gadget, since the station has a storage room. Innovative and loyal to the participants. Charging stations will be equipped with citylights for advertising sponsor
Wi-Fi Sponsor

The advantage is the ability to place your site as the start page when connected. This will give a large number of direct contacts with the audience - each guest will at least enter the Internet from a mobile phone or tablet
Lounge Sponsor

The lounge zone is a place that participants always visit)
And, despite the relaxing situation, it is here that joint projects are often born

Sponsor of events throughout Ukraine
On the eve of the conference in the major cities of Ukraine (Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev) meetings with speakers will be held. Ability to directly in the right region to pay attention to your brand. Number of participants 100+,
entrance is free

Photozone location

Photos from conferences live longer memories of them. An interesting idea for the photon will allow the brand to stay in the memory of the participants of the conference longer. The format / subject and area of the photo zone is agreed with the organizer

Sponsor of the bar / coffee breaks
Organization of a wine break at the end of the event or refreshments on a coffee break

T-shirt sponsor

T-shirts for participants with ITEM design, including sponsor's logo
Health Sponsor

Placement of fruit basket with branded sponsor stickers (in the coffee break zone)

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