Tamara Kulinkovich
Co-founder of "Sorokin & Kulinkovich studio" (hrmstudio.ru) and "Skitapi" (Skitapi.com) - Belarus

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Topic: " Disasters on the B2B path: what we understood when developing and selling the SAAS product "
Tamara specialized in business research and psychology of needs and started her 10 year experience in product management and sales since organized an HR- and marketing-solution-providing company. After some years company started automation projects in HR and Sales and opened schools for digital HR, business research and sales. In all these units, Tamara is responsible for product development and sales.

Tamara started her way in IT from managing automation projects of assessment and motivation of personnel. In 2014 she came up with the idea of B2B SAAS for recruitment and assessment, found investors and became responsible for product, marketing and sales. On this way she tried many ways of partisan marketing and customer acquisition, had surprises and disappointments. Now she can compare ways of B2B and B2C IT and non-IT sales and marketing and has good experience of sales on the CIS market.
Thesis to the speech:
The Talk is devoted to sharing the experience of launching the B2B SAAS product on the market. Tamara will tell us why the idea of scaling the well-selling consulting was not so good and which were the obstacles on the way of her team to success. Participants will discuss the methods of B2B product promotion on CIS countries market and will know the outcome of both success stories as well as not expected fail stories it resulted. We will talk about reasons of not relevant users feedback when all people lie and how to interprete data accurately. The key part of the speech will be 2 main problems of product promotion and sales they have faced that led to the change of business strategy.