ITEM Technical Day 2018:
AI & Data Science, Mobile & IoT,
Quality Engineering & DevOps

participants from more then
200 IT-companies
Facebook, Stanford University, Microsoft, ZEO Alliance, Spotify, Siemens, BitFury etc.
USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, France, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine
Technical day of the large international conference ITEM will be fully dedicated to the trend topics in the development, such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Data Science. Also, we will cover mobile development and IoT with separate flows, analyse the alignment of testing processes, use of new tools and approaches for auto tests & DevOps.

Hard Technical Topics ONLY!
Our speakers are rare guests on the Ukrainian events. We don't invite "speaking heads". Only experienced technical experts, practicing software and QA engineers of Ukrainian and world IT industry.

ITEM is more than a conference. There is a community platform for everyone who is ready to share knowledge about the technologies and to build a new future.

For CTO, Software engineers, Quality specialist and DevOps

In 2016 and 2017 the conference was recognized as the best IT conference of Ukraine based on the results of a survey of the resource DOU.UA
Top Tech Speakers 2018
Stanford University, USA
- Silicon Valley Legend
- Industry Fellow at UC Berkeley's Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship
- Chair Emeritus of the MITEF/Stanford Venture Lab
- She has mentored and advised hundreds of of start-ups from around the world
- As an Internet pioneer, she launched the TRUSTe Internet privacy program in 1996 and also started up Pacific Internet in Singapore (IPO on NASDAQ in 1999)

Vitaliy Kulikov (USA)
Staff Software Engineer in Pinterest
One of top 100 Java Github worldwide contributors
Research Engineer at Facebook AI Research
Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer at Siemens
Sergii Baidachnyi (Canada)
Developer evangelist at Microsoft Canada
20+ years of extensive experience in software development as Team Leader
Lead Software Developer in Test of Evolution Gaming
Quality Manager, author of well known Testing challenges
Streams and Topics
Artificial Intelligence & Data Science
  • Introduction to a Facebook approach how to develop intelligent agents that can communicate with people and perform useful tasks. - Denis Yarats
  • Technical approach how to integrate Blockchain technology into business and government sectors. - Aleksandr Shevchenko
  • When and how to migrate to a Deep Learning solution from a traditional ML approach. - Irina Vidal Migallon
  • Simulation of QCM-D sensor data - Alex Gurbych
  • Modeling for neural networks
  • "Metrics Learning" and recognition problems
  • Distributed training of neural networks
  • Data Warehousing and Data Lake
Internet of Things & Mobile Tech
  • How to set up continuous integration processes for mobile app development workflow. - Enrique Manas Lopez
  • Discovering the real potential of IoT
  • Trends in mobile development
  • Processing of volumetric data by mobile devices
  • Security issues in Mobile and IoT
  • How to keep applications running on new devices and updated operating systems
  • On-Demand Apps
  • Lazy loading. Patterns of designing and optimizing the application load
Quality Engineering & DevOps
  • From numbers to graphics: visualisation as a tool for better understanding of testing - Andrejs Kalnacs
  • Deep linking tests of Android Apps - Diana Pinchuk
  • Misconceptions of Software Testing - Claudia Graghia
  • How to stop bug fixing and go live from the first product run?
  • How to build the process to support existing test cases and scenarios?
  • How to support test cases when requirements are constantly changing?
  • How to ensure test coverage for low level stack and keep business logic verified?
  • Continuous delivery and Automated deployment: challenges and solutions
  • Workshop: Implementation of Continuous Integration Processes with Firebase" - Enrique Manas Lopez
  • Aleksandr Gritsevsk Workshop. Topic is waiting for the program committee's approval
Program creators
Program content and agenda are composed by Program Committee consisting of IT experts.
"ITEM inspired me about its mission to bring up awareness about cross-team collaboration within the organization. Speaking about Quality specifically, it concerns almost every aspect of the organization. What do we mean by Quality is rarely an easy question to answer. Only with tight collaboration between the different parts of the organization we can come closer to what it means building high-quality product and I believe that ITEM is on a path to facilitate this process."
Andrii Dzynia
Project Manager @ Spotify
" In fact, I want ITEM to have quality content. I want people to leave the event inspired and enlightened. I also want you to create space for people, so they can constantly share their experience and knowledge with each other. I'm pretty sure we can make it :) "
Volodymyr Vorobiov
CEO & Co-Founder RubyGarage
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