Thomas Joham
Senior Agile Coach at Raiffeisen Bank International AG

The topic of his report "From Project to Product Oriented Organization"

A leader and Agile Coach with vision and charisma.

He transitioned from a software development Expert in to IT Credit Risk Management area. Now he is responsible for implementing internationally applied SCRUM (AGILE) methodology from project innovations in to a useable Dev/Ops approach for a bank seamlessly blending run the bank and change the bank for fulfilling business requirements in a cost-efficient manner.programs. As Senior Agile Coach and Transformation Partner at Group IT Agile Coaches, Thomas Joham develops and implements Agile scaling strategies within the enterprise level RBI. Also he runs projects with high impact across an international banking group

In his report, Thomas Joham will talk about the journey RBI AG has taken to transform from a project-oriented organization to a product-oriented organization through Adaptive and Agile implementation. He will highlight the main goals and pitfalls of such a transformation, as well as a way to achieve a great result.