Vache Davtian
Businessman, the keeper of happiness (Chief Happiness Officer) and the leader of the companies «Promkabel Electrica», «Pan Electro»
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Topic: "How to create dream. Motivators & demotovators of Y & Z generation"
Vache Davtian - the businessman with 26 years' experience, the keeper of happiness (Chief Happiness Officer) and the leader of the companies «Promkabel Electrica», «Pan Electro», the founder and the business coach of Leadership development School «LeaderWay».

Personal mission: "Ukraine - the successful country of happy people".

Vache Davtian in 1995 created the «Promkabel-Elektriсa» company, and in 2003 - the «Pan Electro» retail network.

Since 2009 Vache Davtian gave the management of the companies to top managers, and started the new project on training Leadership development School «LeaderWay».

In the period from October 2009 to January 2010, Vache Davtian, was trained in the 4-module program "School of Trainers" and defended the certification work. In addition, there was a series of master classes and training, both in foreign and domestic trainers.

In the «Promkabel-Elektrica» company where Vache Davtian is the constant business coach that allows to develop not only the companies but also to impart long-term experience with other companies of Ukraine and the abroad.

In the companies carries out the roles: strategist, mentor, trainer and "keeper of happiness".
25 years' experience in business allows carrying out deep diagnostics, to understand real requirements, and to provide the most useful training for various companies on leadership, negotiations, to a time management and a networking.

Since 2010 Vache Davtian provided a lot of trainings for the companies: Prozorro, SKM, Укргазвибодування, Ukrnafta, Google, Deloitte, Kyivstar, Lindström, Fozzi, Литер, Asnovа Holding, Promodo, Intellect Service, Baiersdorf and many others.

Vache Davtian invited speaker of the Lviv business school and International Institute of Business.
Thesis to the speech:
  1. Why "stick & carrot" do not work anymore.

  2. 3 key motivators of new generation

  3. How happiness culture do work in Google, Zappos & Panelectro.ua