Viacheslav Rudnytskyi
Chief Learning Experience Officer, Savvy
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Topic: "Delivering ideas to your product owners & customers"
Viacheslav Rudnytskyi is an education expert from Ukraine with 8 years experience of training IT professionals, startup founders and technical geeks willing to launch their products on global markets.

The author of courses on IT emailing, negotiations, cross-cultural communication and public speaking. Cambridge CELTA instructor, a trainer at IDEA (International Debate Educational Association).

Thesis to the speech & workshop :

- 5 most popular fails in presenting ideas
- The ways to explain better
- 3 case studies

During the presentation, we will take a closer look at how professionals should and should NOT explain their ideas in IT context. We will also try checking what the most common resistance points and blocks are that PMs might face in communication. After discussing the most popular mistakes of professionals with Ukrainian background we will solve 3 real cases of delivering ideas to customers and POs.